Three-Drawer Outdoor Cabinet

Outdoor Cabinet with Three Drawers

Outdoor Cabinet with Three Drawers

A three-drawer base cabinet gives ample storage for large items like pots and pans. Available in 3 inch increments, this cabinet is available up to 21 inches wide. Beyond 21 inches in width a four-drawer cabinet is required.

Once you start inviting friends and family to enjoy your outdoor kitchen, hardly a birthday or holiday will pass without someone buying you the latest and greatest gadget for grilling. The more you explore outdoor grilling, the more utensils, cooking baskets, skewers for kabobs, cleaning brushes, thermometers, serving utensils, knives, and other tools you’ll acquire. That’s not a bad thing at all! Unless you run out of space for your new toys. A three drawer base cabinet is of course a great way to give convenient storage right next to the area you’ll need it the most. When you’re cooking food, it is extremely convenient to have all of your tools available, right next to the grill. Your utensils will be clean and within arm’s reach when you need them. If you store your cooking tools in the garage because you have an outdoor kitchen without adequate storage, you’ll never remember to use your tools.

TipOutdoor Kitchen Design Tip: Put a three-drawer base right next to your grill. You’ll love the storage for grill tools & accessories.

This is a great place to keep aluminum foil or plastic wrap for immediately covering items fresh off the grill. Your food will stay fresh and flies will stay away!

Because a drawer base cabinet uses more material, it does cost more than a full height door of the same width. Unless you have a very unique storage requirement, you probably wouldn’t be happy with a series of drawer base cabinets, but one or two drawer base cabinets is an extremely useful addition to your outdoor kitchen design.


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