Outdoor Cabinet End Panel

Outdoor Kitchen Cabinet End Panel

End Panels allow a refrigerator or other appliance to be placed at the end of an exposed section of cabinets without requiring a full cabinet. They provide structural support for the countertop and also balance the look of the outdoor kitchen. Refrigerator end panels are available in a minimum width of 3 inches, but may also be ordered in an increased thickness if required.

Panels are available in different styles, either to cover the gap of an open refrigerator door, or with a full return for situations where the finished panel needs to cover all the way to the wall or back panel.

End Panels

Refrigerator End Panel
Finished Return Panel


There are times when additional structural support is needed when attaching finished back panels to walls or behind voids. Werever builds corner posts that use the same leveling legs to simplify installation and allow toe kick pieces to be attached. Your design may call for these pieces which greatly reduce installation difficulty and improve the structural integrity of the finished project.

90-degree Corner Post
45-degree Corner Post

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