Outdoor Cabinet End Panel

Outdoor Kitchen Cabinet End Panel

Outdoor Kitchen Cabinet End Panel

End Panels allow a refrigerator or other appliance to be placed at the end of an exposed section of cabinets without requiring a full cabinet. They provide structural support for the countertop and also balance the look of the outdoor kitchen. Refrigerator end panels are available in a minimum width of 3 inches, but may also be ordered in an increased thickness if required.

The advantage of using any piece with toe kick and leveling legs is that the legs can be easily leveled. Even if you are unskilled at leveling a cabinet, you can take your time making small adjustments and will be able to successfully level your outdoor kitchen.

If you are a more skilled installer, you may prefer to order an end panel extra tall. Depending on the slope of the deck or floor beneath your outdoor kitchen, you may have to trim the end panel. The risk of course is that if you cut your panel too short by accident, you can’t “uncut” your mistake. If you are a more skilled installer, you might find it preferred to order a refrigerator end panel that is tall, and trim it to fit from the countertop height to the ground. That will eliminate having to attach toe kick to the front of a panel that is only three inches wide.

TipOutdoor Kitchen Design Tip (for skilled installers): If you are slightly above average in carpentry skill, order end panels extra tall instead of applying toe kick panel to the end of your outdoor cabinet run.

Either option will yield a successful outdoor cabinet installation that looks nice. Our representatives and designers will be able to help you at any point in the process if you have questions of this nature about the exact fit of any part. When in doubt, call us! We are here to help.

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