Download Outdoor Cabinet Specs

Cabinets are available in three-inch increments in a variety of styles. Click below to download the cabinet specifications. If you have any questions or need additional measurements, please contact us. If you need help planning an outdoor kitchen or other project requiring weatherproof outdoor cabinetry, please take advantage of our free design service.

Download Outdoor Cabinetry CSI Specifications

Outdoor Cabinetry
CSI Specifications

Manufactured Plastic
Casework CSI Format
For Builders & Architects (320 KB)

Download Werever Outdoor Cabinetry Specifications

Werever Outdoor
Cabinetry Specifications

General Product Information (1.3 MB)

Download HDPE Chemical Resistance Guide

HDPE Chemical
Resistance Guide

HDPE Information (200 KB)


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Download Werever Cabinetry’s ARCOM MasterSpec Product Specifications:

Please contact us if you would like an editable Microsoft Word version of our ARCOM MasterSpec Cabinet Specifications.


If you need help with other product information, please contact us and a friendly representative will be glad to assist.