Made in the USA

Shop with confidence knowing you are getting the best outdoor cabinetry in the world, and it is all made in the USA!

6120 Pelican Creek Circle | Riverview, FL 33578
Our Florida Factory – 6120 Pelican Creek Circle, Riverview FL 33578

American Manufacturing Facility

Our cabinetry is built in Tampa Florida.  We are an actual manufacturing company that builds the cabinetry entirely in our facility.

American Made Machinery

Our CNC machines and dust collection systems are all American Made.  There are tons of great CNC machines built in other countries too, but we select American made equipment.

Domestic Material Sources

The resins used to make our cabinet’s board are sourced domestically, and the board is fabricated in the USA too.

American Jobs

This one may seem obvious, but check the labels on the products in your house.  Sadly, not too many say “Made in the USA”.  Our cabinetry is made here, so you’re supporting families in the USA when you shop with Werever… and we all thank you for that!!!  You will never hear of Werever’s manufacturing moving over seas.  That simply won’t happen, ever.

American Made Grills

Please ask us for the country of origin of the grill you selected.  We carry some great brands.  Sadly, some of the brands have moved their manufacturing overseas, but we still know which ones are made in the USA.  We make every effort we can to support the US based grill manufacturers.