We take great pride in our products and work with the best carriers to make sure your cabinets are delivered in perfect condition. Please note, our cabinetry is very heavy, so arrange to have someone that can help you handle your outdoor cabinets when they arrive. This page describes the dimensions and weights of the products we sell to help you plan for delivery. Your order will ship via a common carrier (either Fed Ex, R&L Freight, or Conway) for curbside delivery to your home or business address. We will provide all of the tracking information prior to shipment, and you will be given a delivery window to help you plan.

If your boxes appear damaged, DO NOT SIGN FOR THE ORDER. Call us immediately at 813-241-9701 and we will take immediate steps to remedy the situation. You are guaranteed that if you order cabinetry from us, you will receive it in perfect condition.

Here are the dimensions and weight of the packages you can expect to receive. Your order’s weight will vary slightly depending on what cabinetry you have selected.

Outdoor Cabinetry

Outdoor cabinetry is shipped on convenient standard sized 40″ x 48″ pallet with a protective overbox. Inside, the cabinets are strapped to the pallet with additional padding and corner protectors. Please note, they’re heavy!

Grill Cabinets

Grill cabinets are packed on oversized pallets and may require additional help when moving because of their weight.

Finished Back Panels

Finished back panels are packaged flat, on pallets according to the size you order. The panels are carefully packed with protectors to prevent stacked items from damaging your panel.

Toe Kick

Toe kick panels are available in 4 and 8 foot lengths. They are packaged separately. Dimensions 96″ L x 6″ W x 2″ H*
*additional toe kick pieces will increase the height of the package.
"The packaging was phenomenal. I’m very impressed. A lot of care was taken in packaging your cabinets. My complements to you."
-Jim, Wisconsin

Personalized customer service

Werever cabinetry is the perfect choice for OUTDOOR and INDOOR  areas that demand extremely durable yet attractive cabinets, with an exclusive customer service for both residential and commercial projects.  Among our clients are Ritz Carlton, Warner Brothers Studios, San Diego Zoo, NOAA Laboratory and University of North Carolina.