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We take great pride in our customer service. In a world of self-service kiosks and robotic telephone systems when you just want to talk to a real person, we still service customers the old fashion way! See what actual customers say about us in these 5-star Google reviews.

William Thibault
09:54 03 May 20
Outstanding company with very professional staff producing the highest quality product on the market.
Liz Gorman
22:24 06 Apr 20
We purchased our outdoor cabinets and drawers several years ago. We are in New England, so they are “covered” for about five months each year. I am cleaning up the outside area...the cabinets and drawers are still in great condition!! Werever was very helpful when I placed the order, especially assisting me remotely with measurements. We are still extremely satisfied with our purchase!!!
Deanna Broussard
17:13 05 Mar 20
We ordered cabinets from Werever and with sight unseen along with very helpful representatives from Werever; we are very happy with our purchase! Even our contractor that helped us with our outdoor kitchen was very impressed with the quality and ease of installation! Easy to clean and I will not have to worry about replacing them! I highly recommend them! Thank you Jason Moore for your guidance and assistance!
David Babner
17:39 02 Mar 20
Jason and his team were fantastic to work with and the finished product is amazing. From the design to the choice of appliances to working with our shipping dates, everything was first class. Giddyup!
Trinity Garrett
17:19 15 Nov 19
We have had our Werever Outdoor Kitchen for 9 years now and we still love it! It does not mold, warp or fade and it is super easy to clean. Still looks brand new! I cannot recommend enough the team at Werever for backing up their products and being there to assist.
Douglas W. Rogers
14:45 01 Nov 19
From our initial contact with Werever to our final installation, we have had a truly superior customer experience. We compared prices for a similar configuration from a local outdoor patio store. Werever's quote was half the cost of the local quote and had a lifetime warranty compared to the local warranty, which was only three years. Our initial thoughts were quickly turned into a complete design with schematics and graphic rendering. It was easy to determine what changes needed to be made and the changes were made quickly and without complaint. The design service, even with multiple changes was entirely free!Jason Moore, our design consultant and contact with Werever, was friendly, efficient, and on more than one occasion went the extra mile to provide information and assistance. Jason helped solve a delivery issue (we live in a rural area on gated property with a long slopping driveway that could not accommodate the traditional delivery truck; Jason arranged for a truck that could make the delivery). Jason had replacement pieces, for parts that were damaged in transit, delivered overnight. Jason consulted with the grill manufacturer about the variations in models so that we could make an informed decision. Even when pieces that had passed Werever's own quality control didn't appear to fit exactly, Jason had new pieces delivered at no additional cost. I can't recall a more high-quality customer service experience, and it didn't end with the design and delivery.This was a completely DIY installation, and Werever (via Jason) provided consistent support throughout that experience as well--providing additional instructions and responding to questions promptly. The only part we did not install ourselves was the granite countertop.Now that the installation is complete, we are extremely happy with the look and function of our Werever outdoor grilling station. We had an exceptional experience working with this company. Even before our installation was complete, we were telling our family and friends about the amazing customer experience we were having with Werever. We would highly recommend Werever; we can't imagine that you would be disappointed.
William LeBlanc
22:39 19 Sep 19
The cabinets came out great. Thank you for all of your help!
Jeffrey Curtis
16:18 01 Aug 19
Purchased our patio cabinets over a year ago. We live in an area where temps range from sub zero to 100+ in the summer. No issues with warping or discoloration. Look and work great! Highly recommend.
Teri Joseph
21:23 26 Jun 19
We bought our first set of cabinets from Werever about 5 years ago. We live on a boat and where the cabinets were going to be installed was not a protected area. These cabinets were going to be exposed to sun, wind, rain, snow and ice in the. winter as we live in Pittsburgh. The salesman told us “You can put these cabinets in the river and let them sink and pull them out in a year and install them ... nothing in nature hurts them ! “ He was right and we ordered a second set for out outdoor kitchen on the other side of the boat. The cabinets are beautiful and are like new and we love them and fortunately we did not have to recover them from the river !Teri
Rick Sovastion
13:49 24 Jun 19
We wanted an outdoor living area that was low maintenance. We learned from a friend at the beach that their Werever Outdoor Kitchens survived a hurricane with saltwater flooding and still looked like new. We live in an area with 4 seasons and knew we needed a product that would withstand harsh weather. Having a Masonry background, we liked this company because they offered a product that did not have a brick or stone veneer which we have learned is hard to clean and deteriorates over time. This kitchen was designed by us to meet our custom needs with the professional help of Jason Moore - Sales and Design. He was accommodating, answering installation questions and he guided us through last minute design changes. We highly recommend Jason Moore and Werever Outdoor Kitchens.

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Werever specializes in custom outdoor cabinets.  We build the strongest and most precise-fitting outdoor cabinets in the industry. Werever outdoor cabinets has been in business since 2001 with the best warranty in the industry. Werever Outdoor Cabinets are proudly MADE IN THE USA.

You’ll find our weatherproof cabinets in backyards across the country, in ocean-front high-rises, in resorts, even in parks and zoos! Wherever beautiful cabinets are needed that can resist the worst environmental conditions, a Werever Cabinet is a perfect fit!