Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

How much do Werever outdoor cabinets cost?

There are two ways to find out how much Werever’s outdoor cabinets cost:

  1. Try our FREE outdoor kitchen design service. You’ll get an exact quote per your project’s specifications.
  2. Look at these real customer projects with pricing. We’ve shared a variety of actual customer projects, design documents, and cabinet cost.

Are the cabinets waterproof?

Yes. They are made from solid marine-grade High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) which is 100% impervious to water. The cabinets can be completely soaked.

Do you sell just doors?

No.  Werever sells full cabinetry. We do not offer “just doors”.  We would encourage you to consider building your entire outdoor kitchen from our proven modular outdoor cabinet system. If your goal is to fill openings in a framed structure, you can buy custom wall cabinets sized to your openings. You can also fit full cabinets to smaller openings like this small project.

Do the cabinets have sealed doors (with a gasket)?

No.  They are not watertight. They are waterPROOF. There is a difference between those terms.  Water will do nothing to harm the structure or integrity of the cabinetry.  While the gaps are very small between the doors and drawers, they technically are not gasketed with a watertight seal.  For most applications this is plenty sufficient to keep your items safe from the weather.

Are the cabinets made from PVC?

No! Werever’s outdoor cabinets are made from High Density Polyethylene (HDPE), not PVC. PVC is lighter and weaker than HDPE. It is brittle. PVC has to be painted because is not UV-stabilized. Make sure you’re not shopping for PVC cabinets incorrectly assuming they’re the same as Werever’s HDPE cabinetry. Read more about why you should not buy PVC outdoor cabinets.

What is Marine Grade Polymer?

This term is a generic marketing phrase that doesn’t mean anything specific. Many things that are called “Marine Grade Polymer” are unsuitable for building outdoor cabinetry. To get a better understanding of this term, read more about polymer.

How do Werever cabinets differ from competing cabinets?

Werever’s proprietary construction methods are unique within the outdoor cabinet industry. Interior cabinet construction techniques don’t work well when building outdoor cabinets due to temperature changes, UV exposure, moisture, etc. Read this page for an overview of our construction methods.

Can these cabinets go outside in direct sunlight?

Absolutely! They are specifically designed with a permanent, UV protected HDPE material engineered to withstand the harshest outdoor elements. They are UV stabilized for direct sunlight exposure. You don’t have to do anything to protect them from the sun. By comparison, PVC cabinets do not withstand direct exposure to the sun without a painted-on protectant. Be sure to read the fine-print if you are comparing Werever to PVC cabinets. Other manufacturers actually caution against putting outdoor cabinetry in direct sunlight!

Can Werever cabinets be installed on casters?

No. While technically you could swap the leveling legs for casters, Werever does not recommend using our cabinets to build a movable island. The cabinets are too heavy to make it practical to move. Since an important aspect of installing any cabinetry, indoor or outdoor, is to make sure they are perfectly level, casters are not a good idea. Werever does not warrant cabinets that have been modified to be installed on casters.

Can I get these locally?

We ship beautiful outdoor kitchens nationwide, every day. We build our cabinetry with computer-controlled machinery, so our cabinets fit exactly. You can also contact us to find an industry partner in your market.

What kind of grill should I use?

You must use a grill with a factory-manufactured insulated liner (or heat jacket). For your convenience, Werever does offer a full line of outdoor appliances, but you are welcome to purchase your grill elsewhere.

Werever recommends Lynx Grills for the best fit and finish, customer support, warranty, and cooking features.

Other popular grill brands can also be used and have insulating liners available include Sedona, Alfresco, Blaze, FireMagic, TwinEagles, DCS, Del Sol, Delta Heat, Bull, XO and others. (You may find another brand with an insulating liner as well.)

Do colors vary from order to order?

Everything in your order is built from the same color batch of material. Every part in your order will match in color. If you order additional cabinets at a later date, it is possible that a color will have been discontinued, built from a different material batch, or even come from a different material/color supplier. Werever makes great efforts to ensure consistency in color and texture over the years, but Werever does not guarantee that cabinets ordered separately will be a perfect match.

How long will it take to receive my order?

Your order will ship approximately three weeks from the date you place your order. The shipping time may vary slightly depending on seasonal demand. If you are planning around a specific schedule, we can help! Post-Covid, supply issues have impacted lead times.

Please ask your sales professional for current production lead times. If you need a guaranteed ship date, please notify your designer and ask for a “Commitment Date”.

Are Werever cabinets easy to install?

If you can operate basic hand tools such as a drill, a level, screwdrivers, and perhaps a circular saw if you have to trim a filler, then yes, these are easy to install.  If you are not comfortable with tools, you would be better suited to hire a handyman to help install these cabinets.  Each cabinet arrives fully assembled, countertop ready. Cabinets easily attach to walls with screws, and attach to each other with stainless-steel bolts (provided).

Be cautious when buying “outdoor” cabinetry without a leveling system. There are options on the market that have nice pictures, but they make for an almost impossible real-world installation if you aren’t installing on a perfectly level surface. Unlike interior kitchens, outdoor kitchen spaces are typically sloped for drainage purposed intentionally. In a clinical, marketing picture of other outdoor cabinet systems you won’t see this issue. In the field, it will be a nightmare to resolve. Werever has taken that problem out of the equation.

Do you provide countertops?

No. A proper fitting countertop needs to be templated on site based on the exact installation. For that reason, we don’t provide countertops. You can use granite (recommended), acrylic (Corian), quartz (Silestone or Zodiaq). All of these are available at Home Depot, Lowe’s, or from any local countertop company. You can use our free design to shop price for your countertop locally. You’ll find that the countertop company will price the project based on the design, but they’ll want to come on site once the cabinets are set and make a precise template.

Do you install?

Within our local market we can help with installation services. We may have a dealer in your area, so please call to ask. These cabinets are an easy do-it-yourself project. Or, you can have your builder or handyman handle the whole project on your behalf. The majority of our cabinet projects are installed by people using our cabinetry for the first time… and these projects are always successful. You can look in our photo gallery for step-by-step pictures of an outdoor kitchen installation. Read Werever’s Installation Instructions for more information.

How are Werever cabinets shipped?

Cabinets are shipped fully assembled. For more information about pallet size and weight, read about our shipping details.

Why should I buy outdoor cabinets from Werever?

If you’re unsure about buying out-of-state or even sight-unseen, we understand your concern. We also know how happy you’ll be with your purchase. We have been in business since 2001 building one thing, HDPE weatherproof outdoor cabinetry. We have serviced thousands of customers across the country and beyond. This is our only line of business. It isn’t some new trial venture or secondary product line. We are focused and committed to providing world class service and a best-in-class product. Copycat competitors have come and gone. Their warranties are now worthless. We will be here through the entire process and beyond. If you have concerns, call or email us. We can even put you in contact with a happy customer near you that can share their experience with you first-hand. You are not our guinea pig or experiment project for us to try to figure out what we’re doing. We’re the best in the industry and have a proven track record. Here are some of our Google reviews from real customers.

Cheryl Weatherwax
13:09 15 Apr 24
We are extremely happy with our cabinets from Werever. These are very solid built, work great and we really love they way they more
Angela Heathman
17:29 29 Mar 24
I am pleased with my experience with Werever. My project was led by Carlena Davidson and she provided valuable guidance on design decisions and made the entire process smooth. Despite the distance, communication was excellent, and I encountered no issues with the ordering process. At first, I was nervous ordering cabinets from several states away but there were no issues. The cabinets met my expectations in terms of quality, and the project turned out beautifully. I initially considered stone/brick but ultimately chose cabinets, and I'm so glad I did – I really like the look. I highly recommend their services for anyone looking for a seamless design experience. Thanks, Carlena, for your help!read more
Robert Troise
18:49 22 Mar 24
I was very pleased with the time spent planning my project with WEREVER. They were very patient with my many questions and changes to the original plan. They answered all questions in a very timely fashion. The process couldn’t have been easier, considering this was all done via emails. I highly recommend their more
Robert Schwanke
21:34 20 Mar 24
After deciding to go with HDPE cabinets, I reviewed a lot of companies that manufactured them. After reading their reviews and receiving Werever’s samples, I decided to choose Werever. Ordering cabinets on-line, sight-unseen (except photos and samples), is daunting. It was a large investment and I wanted to get it right. In the end, I have nothing but praise for the quality of the product and especially Aleksandra Maslova, Account Manager, who worked on this project with me. We had lots of emails and phone calls working out the minute details – even down to changing the size of 1 cabinet 1/8”. Aleksandra was patient with all the questions and answered each and everyone punctually. These cabinets look great, clean up easily, and even with winds, there is minimal dust getting inside. If you are in the market for outdoor cabinets, I would not hesitate to recommend more
Chelsea Huff
21:15 20 Feb 24
I cannot speak highly enough of Werever Outdoor Cabinet Company’s products and services they have provided for both of my purchases.The first project, completed in the summer of 2019, still looks as impeccable as the day it was installed, and that speaks for itself considering living in Florida with our weather conditions.My most recent purchase in November 2023 was made even more memorable by the extraordinary care of the account manager, Carlena Davidson. Carlena went above and beyond communicating promptly throughout the entirety of the project. She guided me through the selection and billing process and ensured that my order was expedited in time for an upcoming holiday. Her dedication and attention to detail truly made the process seamless.As far as the product goes, the overall look of the cabinets is stunning, and their durability is unmatched. I am thoroughly pleased with the quality and care provided by this local company.If you're in the market for outdoor cabinets that are both beautiful and built to last, look no further than Werever Outdoor Cabinet more
Shawn Kachmar
18:55 16 Feb 24
Great product. Solid construction and well made. Worth the cost for the quality and longevity. Excellent design and sales process. Aleksandra was very responsive and helpful. Highly recommend Werever cabinets!read more

Any other questions?

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How Much do Werever Outdoor Cabinets cost?

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