Color Options


Werever outdoor cabinets are available in 15 solid colors or 5 woodgrain face colors to complement any decor.

  • All designer colors are the same price.
  • Woodgrain face is available as an upgrade.
  • The color is solid and goes all the way through the board.
  • The color can’t be chipped or peeled off.
  • The material is UV protected against fading.
  • The color will not chalk like PVC does. This is HDPE!
Material colors will vary depending on your screen. Please request a material sample to see the exact color.

Fifteen Designer Colors (included in price of cabinet)

Woodgrain Face Color Options (upgrade fee applies)

Please Contact Us to purchase samples of woodgrain material.

Please Note: Woodgrain pattern and color varies, just like real wood. You can click on each Color Variation example for an idea of the grain variations and what a typical door will look like. The sheet’s base color and the color of the “woodgrain” marks is very consistent from sheet to sheet, but the grain’s density and spread will vary. No two doors will look exactly alike or have the identical grain pattern.

How Much do Werever Outdoor Cabinets cost?

See examples of REAL outdoor cabinet projects with cabinet prices. Prices reflect outdoor cabinets only.

Custom Outdoor Cabinets

Made in the U.S.A.

Werever specializes in custom outdoor cabinets.  We build the strongest and most precise-fitting outdoor cabinets in the industry. Werever outdoor cabinets has been in business since 2001 with the best warranty in the industry. Werever Outdoor Cabinets are proudly MADE IN THE USA.

You’ll find our weatherproof cabinets in backyards across the country, in ocean-front high-rises, in resorts, even in parks and zoos! Wherever beautiful cabinets are needed that can resist the worst environmental conditions, a Werever Cabinet is a perfect fit!