Full Height Door Outdoor Kitchen Cabinet

Outdoor Cabinet with Full Height Door

Full Height Door Outdoor Kitchen Cabinet

An outdoor cabinet with a full height door gives you the most possible storage for your outdoor kitchen. This style cabinet has adjustable shelves behind the door(s). In addition to giving the most storage of any style base cabinet, this is also our most economical base cabinet. The more HDPE material that is used in a cabinet, the more it costs. That is why a bank of drawers costs more than a full height door cabinet. Cabinets 18 inches and smaller have one door. Cabinets 21 inches and larger have double doors.

If you look at the pictures of outdoor living areas in advertisements, particularly those from big box retailers, you will notice an abundance of throw pillows and cushions. A common goal of an outdoor living area is to make it feel as comfortable as an interior living space. The problem is that all of those cozy pillows and cushions aren’t so nice when they get soaked with rain, or fade in the sun. While you could store those items in your garage, you are far more likely to use your outdoor area and get more value from your investment if everything can be stored conveniently within your outdoor living area. Even with weather resistant fabric, cushions can still get wet. When you are planning your outdoor living area, ask yourself where you will store all of those attractive accessories that add so much comfort and style. Those magazine advertisements were staged to look pretty, not necessarily built to function and survive in real weather. You know Werever’s HDPE outdoor cabinetry is weatherproof, so use it to store and protect the items you want to enjoy outdoors.

If you have some larger cushions or other items that you need help figuring out the proper design space, be sure to take advantage of our free outdoor kitchen design service. Let our designers help you plan the right storage for everything you need to store in your outdoor kitchen.

Outdoor Kitchen Design Tip: Store cushions in full height door outdoor cabinets

Full Height Door Outdoor Cabinet

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