Outdoor Sink Base Cabinet

Werever makes a wide variety of outdoor sink bases. These waterproof cabinets aren’t just used for outdoor kitchens. They are also ideal for high wear commercial areas, laundry rooms, laboratories. Since the potential exists for all sinks and plumbing fixtures to leak, a weatherproof/waterproof sink base cabinet is a very practical decision. Werever’s in-house designers can help you identify the proper sink base cabinet to fit your sink. We can even support farm style sinks.

If your house was built with plumbing stubs on the lanai or patio, even if you don’t want to build a full outdoor kitchen, installing a single cabinet outdoor sink base is an attractive and highly useful upgrade.

Outdoor Sink Bases with 1 Door

False Drawer Face
Full Height Door

Outdoor Sink Bases with 2 Doors

False Drawer Face
Full Height Door

Outdoor Sink Bases with 4 Doors

False Drawer Face
Full Height Door

Waterproof ADA Sink Base

ADA Compliant Sink Base

Werever Products ADA compliant sink bases.

Sink Base Tilt-Out Tray Option

Sink Base Tilt-Out Tray Option

Sink bases with false drawer faces can be ordered with a tilt-out tray option.

Sink Base Interior

All sink bases have a panel in front of the sink. This provides the necessary strength to hold a heavy sink. The panel is either obscured by a false drawer face or behind full height doors.

Sink Base Interior - Full Height Doors
Sink Base Interior - Drawer Facade

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