Outdoor Sink Base Cabinet

Outdoor Sink Base

Weatherproof Outdoor Sink Base Cabinet

If you have plumbing stubs outside, you absolutely need an outdoor sink base that will stand up against the elements. A wood-based cabinet will fail sooner than you expect. The cost of replacing a wood cabinet that is falling apart along with the plumbing, sink, and countertop is a significant expense to have to do a second time. Do it right the first time with an outdoor cabinet that is built to last a lifetime.

Sink Base cabinets for outdoor kitchens can accommodate any drop-in or under mount sink. With a matching false drawer façade, the front of sink base cabinets appears identical to a single-drawer cabinet. Just like with other outdoor cabinets by Werever, all cabinets 18 inches and smaller have one door. Cabinets 21 inches and larger have double doors.

From today’s increasingly popular induction ranges to older Jenn-Aire style ranges, a sink base cabinet can give you versatility in your outdoor kitchen that you may have not thought possible. Please consider the weather ability of your appliance and local building codes of course, but for under roof lanai areas, you can use a variety of appliances in your outdoor kitchen.

If you need help planning the right sink base cabinet to hold a sink or appliance, please call or email us and our designers will help you make the right selection. Keep in mind that the exterior width of the sink base, or any outdoor cabinet, is not the same dimension as the interior of the cabinet. The sides of the sink base are made from three-quarter inch solid UV-stabilized HDPE, so subtract an inch-and-a-half from the width of the cabinet to find the interior clearance.

Outdoor Kitchen Design Tip: Sink base style cabinets can also be used to hold ranges. Any countertop supported appliance can be used in a sink base cabinet, also aliased as a range base cabinet, they’re the same thing!

Outdoor Sink Base

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