Outdoor Sideburner Cabinet

Outdoor Side Burner Cabinet

Outdoor Side Burner Cabinet

A side burner cabinet is essentially a small grill cabinet. They have the same style face that is custom cut to fit your side burner, just like a grill cabinet. Depending on the specifications of your side burner, an insulating liner may be required to hold the appliance. Side burner cabinets are available in 3 inch increments and can hold a variety of outdoor kitchen accessories.

Today’s side burners include very powerful 60,000 BTU burners capable of boiling large pots of water or quickly heating oversized pans. To make it easier to reach the top of a large pot, sometimes the side burner cabinet is shortened. Then, the countertop is extended down the side of the adjacent cabinet to create a protective side and back splash.

TipOutdoor Kitchen Design Tip: Mount a side burner LOWER than your other cabinets for large pots suitable for a crab or lobster boil.

Please follow the specifications of your appliance for required clearance. And as always, our talented outdoor kitchen designers are happy to help you free of charge. If you have identified a side burner that you’d like to include but need help finding the correct side burner cabinet, just tell us the model and we can specify the best fitting outdoor cabinet.

TipOutdoor Kitchen Design Tip: You might not want to put the side burner right next to the grill.

Sometimes you’ll see the side burner immediately next to the grill on a grill manufacturer’s brochure. This may be an attractive way to show the suite of products, but it isn’t a practical matter for cooking. Sometimes grills have optional rotisserie assemblies that extend beyond the grill’s hood. More often, you’ll have a large pot or pan with a handle you’d like to swing to the side of the burner for safety. Giving yourself a little more wiggle room or adjacent countertop space is a matter of safety and practicality. Plan to have countertop space the size of your burner right next to your side burner. That will let you move a hot pan to a trivet if necessary, without moving a dangerously hot pan across your kitchen.

Side Burner Cabinet

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