Outdoor Cabinet Fillers

Outdoor Kitchen Cabinet Filler

Fillers are necessary for a proper cabinet installation.

For base cabinets, wall cabinets, and corners, filler pieces give your outdoor kitchen the perfect fit. The use of fillers addresses several issues in kitchen installation.

Fillers let you stay with standard outdoor cabinet sizes. This is an obvious budget saver. Spending money on a filler that is intended to be trimmed will always cost less than ordering a custom-sized outdoor cabinet.

Fillers are necessary to keep doors from hitting walls. For any cabinet with a door that opens, including a WerEver outdoor cabinet, the door with a door pull installed will always swing wider than the width of the cabinet. Our doors open 100 degrees via a stainless steel self-closing hinge. If you add a door pull to the door, the door will open an inch or two beyond the width of the cabinet. Without a filler, the door would bang into the wall every time it is opened.

Fillers compensate for bowed or warped walls. If you inspected every wall in your house with a straight edge, a carpenter’s square, and a level, you would discover that almost none of your walls are perfectly straight and level. Unlike a wall, our cabinetry is cut with a computer controlled CNC machine. Everything that should be straight is perfectly straight and level. For a proper fit with good door alignment, each cabinet needs to be leveled using the adjustable leveling legs. When the cabinet is installed next to a wall, a filler piece is needed to fill the gap, especially when the wall isn’t perfectly level. This rule is not unique to outdoor kitchens. It applies to any cabinetry installed in your house.

TipOutdoor Kitchen Design Tip: Always use a filler when a cabinet touches a wall.

We offer fillers for base cabinets, wall cabinets, and for corners. Picking the correct filler can be tricky for complex outdoor kitchens, so please take full advantage of our free design service. Even if your design is set, let our designers serve as a free second opinion. We never use the design process to upsell anything. We’d rather have a chance to help prevent an unforeseen problem well in advance.


Available Sizes
Fillers are available in a variety of sizes from 1/2 inch to 6 inches.Larger sizes are available if necessary, but not usually needed with a quality design.