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Outdoor Cabinet – Base Cabinet with Single Drawer

The most common outdoor kitchen cabinet is the Base Cabinet with a Single Drawer. This style cabinet has a functional drawer above a cabinet with an adjustable shelf below the drawer. Single drawer cabinets 18 inches and smaller have one door. Cabinets 21 inches and larger have double doors. The maximum width of this style outdoor cabinet is 30 inches.

Having a drawer to hold long grill tools with storage beneath for serving plates and bowls is a great choice. Many customers have reported that this is the most popular cabinet in their entire outdoor kitchen, followed closely by a pull out trash cabinet. When you look at outdoor kitchen pictures on various websites to help plan your own outdoor kitchen, ask yourself where you will put your grill tools and serving items. So many outdoor kitchens that look great in pictures fail the test of functioning as a practical food preparation area. With Werever’s outdoor cabinetry, you can have the best of both worlds, a useful outdoor kitchen that is also beautiful.

When you think of an indoor kitchen made from modular kitchen cabinets, the standard cabinet is a base with a single drawer. You will never hear someone complain that their kitchen has too much storage, or too many cabinets. To the extent that your space and budget will allow, when in doubt add a few more base cabinets. Even if you are unsure how you will use the space, you know the extra countertop space alone would be valuable, but most customers report that they could always use a little more storage in their outdoor kitchen. Some outdoor kitchen designers like to draw attention with gimmicky built in appliances that require tons of custom cabinetry. From margarita machines and blenders to popcorn makers, fryers and woks, you can buy all the appliances you like and store them in your outdoor cabinetry. Adding cabinetry to store your cooking tools and appliances is a decision you will never regret.

Outdoor Kitchen Design Tip: When designing your outdoor kitchen, it is a good idea to place a single drawer cabinet right next to your grill.

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