Outdoor Base Corner Cabinet

Blind Corner Cabinet

Blind Corner Cabinet

Blind corner cabinets maximize available storage space by eliminating dead corners. Blind corner cabinets are available in base and wall cabinet models.

If you are using our free outdoor kitchen design service and you have a 90 degree turn in your kitchen, be sure to tell our designer if you would prefer to save money with a dead corner, or if you would rather maximize storage with a blind corner cabinet. Either option is fine with us. You are of course welcome to ask us to revise the design if you change your mind during the design process. Some home owners prefer to have the maximum storage available and opt for a blind corner cabinet. A blind corner cabinet’s relatively large storage space is accessible by a single full height door that will be immediately to the left or right of the corner depending on your design.

TipOutdoor Kitchen Design Tip: To save money, corners can be turned with just a piece of filler, creating a dead corner. The use of a corner cabinet instead of a filler to create a dead corner is a matter of preference, and also budget. The same visual look of an outdoor kitchen can be achieved often by creating a dead corner.

Please keep in mind that if the door is too narrow because of space limitations, and that door is the only access to the space, you might have a difficult time accessing the storage space. Our designers will always try to recommend usable cabinetry only.

If you need help determining the usable space in a dead corner cabinet, our representatives will be glad to help plan a successful outdoor kitchen.

Blind Corner Base Cabinet

Available Models
BBC‐36‐R 27
BBC‐42‐R 27
BBC‐36‐L 27
BBC‐42‐L 27