Why HDPE is the best material for outdoor cabinets

fundamentals of HDPE cabinets: what is polymer?

Polymer is a scientific name for molecules bound in a chemical compound. It is used to describe a wide range of products in the plastic industry rather than a single product.  Identifying an item simply as “polymer” is vague and misleading like describing zinc washers and gold engagement rings all as “metal rings”. The word polymer doesn’t specify the material resistance nor the broad characteristics of the final product.

Some companies use the word “polymer” or “marine grade polymer” to mislead consumers, building an inferior PVC cabinet that performs poorly overtime. Werever HDPE polymer is used for decades on boats, exposed to direct sunlight and saline water, which is not true of other outdoor kitchen cabinets and types of polymer.

"Polymer" doesn't mean it's "HDPE"

Polymer Examples

Polymer can have completely diverse properties. It can be either brittle or malleable, elastic or inelastic, cheap or expensive. It depends how the chemical compound is engineered for a certain use. Below you may see some examples:

Werever’s HDPE cabinets (High density polyethylene)

Werever builds outdoor kitchen cabinets with UV-stabilized High Density Polyethylene (HDPE), the most durable material in the cabinetry industry. It is a high technology polymer that does NOT fade. It has been engineered with the ideal ratio of impact-absorbing forgiveness while maintaining optimal structural integrity. It outperforms every other material as you may see on  product comparison

As a consequence, Werever outdoor kitchen cabinets are maintenance-free, and resist to stains and extreme weather conditions, including the cold in Alaska, the heat in desert or the hurricanes in the South. It can’t be painted, but the color won’t fail. 


PVC is an inferior polymer!


PVC or polyvinyl chloride is a cheaper raw material than HDPE, especially when it is air-injected. It does not meet the performance of HDPE. It is weaker polymer that can warp and must be painted for sun protection. Therefore it does not have the longevity of HDPE and needs periodic maintenance. PVC is also know for its negative environmental impact, affecting people’s health.


Cost Difference

PVC outdoor kitchen cabinets usually have a lower initial purchase price that will clearly reflect in lower durability and high maintenance. They can’t handle extreme temperatures either, so they’re not suitable for all climates. You will have to re-paint, repair, and eventually replace those cheaper cabinets. That’s why their warranty is substantially shorter than Werever lifetime warranty. They cost less and perform accordingly.

How Much do Werever Outdoor Cabinets cost?

See examples of REAL outdoor cabinet projects with cabinet prices. Prices reflect outdoor cabinets only.

Custom Outdoor Cabinets

Made in the U.S.A.

Werever specializes in custom outdoor cabinets.  We build the strongest and most precise-fitting outdoor cabinets in the industry. Werever outdoor cabinets has been in business since 2001 with the best warranty in the industry. Werever Outdoor Cabinets are proudly MADE IN THE USA.

You’ll find our weatherproof cabinets in backyards across the country, in ocean-front high-rises, in resorts, even in parks and zoos! Wherever beautiful cabinets are needed that can resist the worst environmental conditions, a Werever Cabinet is a perfect fit!