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Outdoor Wall Cabinet

Outdoor Kitchen Wall Cabinetry

Wall cabinetry for outdoor kitchens is available in a variety of heights and widths. As with base cabinets, wall cabinets 18 inches and smaller in width have a single door. Models 21 inches and wider feature double doors. Werever’s standard depth for wall cabinets is 15 inches. Competitors build cabinets that are only 11 or 12 inches in deep. That isn’t enough room to store larger plates. Werever can of course provide wall cabinets that are shorter in depth if you prefer.

If you are building a concrete outdoor kitchen, you can’t exactly build a concrete wall cabinet. Therefore, many outdoor kitchen designers in the past have never thought of wall cabinets for their projects. Can you imagine an interior outdoor kitchen without wall cabinets? Where would you store your plates and glasses? You’d never even consider an interior kitchen without wall cabinets, so don’t pass on that convenience for your outdoor kitchen.

TipOutdoor Kitchen Design Tip: Add under counter lights to showcase a glass tile backsplash.

We can provide light valance pieces that allow you to install under counter lighting. This can emphasize some of today’s popular colored glass tile backsplashes. The effect is beautiful and will add color and style that creates a lasting impression.

You can also dress up you wall cabinets with crown molding and glass-pane doors.

Wall cabinets can be customized to include wine racks, spice racks, wine glass holders beneath the cabinets. They can be ordered as open shelf cabinets to showcase decorative items, or even with Plexiglas door inserts in clear or in smoked glass.

Door pulls are not included with wall cabinets. Because you can grip the bottom of the doors with your fingers, unlike base cabinetry, it isn’t even necessary to install door hardware if you prefer the look of sleek outdoor cabinets.

Outdoor Wall Cabinet

Available Models
56 Standard Sizes!
9″ to 27″ wide
12″ to 42″ tall

Note: Werever wall cabinets are 15″ deep. Many competitors are only 11″ or 12″ deep.