Hidden Downsides of Stainless Steel

Stainless steel outdoor cabinets were the default option for outdoor kitchens. Just like other industries, the outdoor cabinet industry has grown and evolved. Stainless Steel Outdoor Cabinets are falling out of favor for very good reason. Werever’s High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) or “Polymer” outdoor cabinets outperform stainless steel, and generally cost less too. Here are some of the hidden downsides of Stainless Steel Outdoor Cabinets.


Stainless steel outdoor cabinets usually cost more than Werever's HDPE outdoor cabinets, even though they underperform.


The cold look of a stainless steel cabinet is fitting for a lab or a veterinary clinic, but not your home.


Read the care and use instructions of stainless steel. It requires diligent preventative maintenance to retain a pristine look.


Compare warranties carefully. Stainless steel cabinets have warranties with important exclusions, like rusting, discoloring, and corrosion!

Corrosion & Pitting

When nature has its way with stainless steel, it can corrode and pit. Tiny bits of the surface get holes, permanently. This can happen from being near swimming pools, or even just rain.


Stainless steel cabinets are made in a metal shop using pre-set sizes and tooling. You can't order custom cabinetry like you can with Werever's CNC-cut outdoor cabinets.


To improve the aesthetics, some manufacturers have resorted to painting stainless steel. This is a terrible idea. The extremely short warranty is clear evidence that a powder coated cabinet won't last.


Even the best stainless steel outdoor cabinets have sharp edges, generally found on the interior and edges. This can be a hazard during normal use, and is definitely an installation challenge.

HOT in the SUN

In the sun, stainless steel get very hot and unpleasant to the touch.

THEY DENT & Scratch

A reputable stainless steel cabinet manufacturer's warranty spells it out for you, "Stainless steel surfaces can be scratched and/or dented during normal use or installation."


A metal door or drawer banging shut against a metal cabinet box is a noisy event. Stainless steel cabinets have an industrial feel and sound to them.

Beware of Grades

Stainless steel comes in a variety of grades, all with differing properties with regard to rust resistance, strength, and longevity. Be sure you understand the differences.

How Much do Werever Outdoor Cabinets cost?

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Custom Outdoor Cabinets

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