Outdoor Cabinet YouTube Videos

Werever Outdoor Cabinet Videos

These brief videos explain what it is like to shop with us and why our cabinetry is the best built in the industry. We build solid HDPE cabinetry (which is different than PVC) for the longest lasting, best designed, lowest maintenance, and most beautiful outdoor kitchens. We build them in the USA to your exact specifications and we have fun doing it!

Whats the Process? – Learn what you can expect from our designers and what we need from you. This video goes into a little detail explaining how we work with you to help you get the perfect outdoor kitchen.


Outdoor Cabinetry Survives Hurricane Harvey – Hurricane Harvey devastated the home of a Werever customer. See what happened (or didn’t happen) to their outdoor kitchen cabinets.


Werever Customer Testimonial – Are you considering a Werever outdoor kitchen? Hear about one customer’s experience first-hand.


HDPE Cabinets vs. PVC Cabinets vs. Foam Resin Cabinets – If you are comparing cabinets, watch this short video to learn the differences between HDPE, PVC, and foam resin construction… and how Werever stands above the competition.


HDPE vs. PVC vs. Foam Resin Power Wash Test – See how Werever’s HDPE compares to PVC and Foam Resin boards used by other outdoor cabinet manufacturers.


HDPE vs. PVC vs. Foam Resin Heat Test – HDPE has a much higher temperature threshold than PVC and Foam Resin as used by other outdoor cabinet manufacturers.


HDPE vs. PVC vs. Foam Resin Thread Pull Test – Thread Pull strength is very important with regard to outdoor cabinet construction. See why HDPE is the choice material of Werever Outdoor Cabinets, compared to PVC and Foam Resin that fail under a fraction of the load that HDPE can handle.


HDPE vs. PVC vs. Foam Resin Weight Drop Test – There is virtually no comparison between the strength of a Werever HDPE cabinet and others made from PVC or Foam Resin. See the incredible differences in strength between these three materials used in outdoor cabinet construction.


Outdoor Cabinet Cleaning Products Comparison – Competing brands of outdoor cabinets can be damaged by common household cleaners that are just fine for use with Werever’s HDPE cabinets.


A Customer’s Story – We sat down with a real customer to talk about his experience getting an outdoor kitchen. Hear how the outdoor kitchen became the hub of his home when it comes to enjoying time with family and friends.


Everything is Custom – When you get a free design from Werever, it is absolutely a custom design made especially for you. Everything is custom designed, made-to-order. Our proprietary, state-of-the-art manufacturing processes deliver custom weatherproof cabinetry in less time and without modification fees.


What is an Outdoor Kitchen? – When you shop for an “outdoor kitchen”, some companies really just want to sell you a grill. Our approach is quite different. Hear a Werever designer explain what we mean by “outdoor kitchen”, and what we can do to give you an attractive, functional outdoor space that you’ll use and enjoy.


Emotional Connections – We owe everything to our great customers. Hear from our designers as they tell you about the experience of working with you.


Comparing HDPE vs PVC – Stain Testing – There are a variety of materials in the outdoor kitchen industry. We build HDPE cabinets. This video shows some of the important differences regarding stain resistance of HDPE compared to other materials.


Why Leveling Outdoor Cabinets is Different than Indoor Cabinets – This is a technical video that explains how our outdoor cabinets are leveled, compared to other outdoor cabinet companys’ approach. If you’re installing the cabinets yourself, this can help you avoid an important “gotcha” of the installation process.