The Complete Guide To Outdoor Kitchen Cabinets

 It doesn’t matter if you are renovating your current outdoor living space or ready to build a new outdoor kitchen; the quality of outdoor kitchen cabinets will have an undeniable impact on the outcome of the project.

In this guide, you’ll find information about various materials, styles, and other solutions to customize your space. There are many ways to create the perfect outdoor kitchen that matches your desires, including personalized features such as sink bases, grill cabinets, and more.

Not only will your new outdoor kitchen look beautiful, but it will also be a functional space where you can elevate your outdoor cooking and host friends and family.

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Outdoor Kitchen Cabinet Materials

Since outdoor kitchen cabinets are exposed to changing weather conditions throughout the year, it’s essential to invest in durable materials that are built to last. Learn more about the various outdoor kitchen cabinet materials available, including high-density polyethylene, stainless steel, wood, and more. Each of these materials has notable pros and cons, which is why it can be helpful to talk to an outdoor kitchen expert about your unique needs.

Werever’s HDPE Cabinets (High-Density Polyethylene):

The term “polymer” is often used in the industry, referring to a type of plastic created by binding molecules together to form a solid piece. But keep in mind that polymer cabinets are a generalized term – it doesn’t specify the characteristics, durability, or weather resistance of the cabinets. Too often, homeowners buy polymer cabinets, thinking they are getting durable products, only to find that the cabinets start falling apart.

At Werever, quality is our highest priority. We offer full transparency about our materials to ensure that you have confidence in the durability of your new outdoor kitchen cabinets. Our products are built using UV-stabilized High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE). This type of polymer is durable and non-fading – similar to the type used on boats. We prefer this technology because of its top-notch structural integrity, as well as impact absorption properties. When you choose Werever outdoor kitchen cabinets, you benefit from beautiful, functional cabinets that are relatively maintenance-free, stain-resistant, and will hold up against the most extreme weather conditions.

One of the benefits of choosing Werever outdoor cabinets is the opportunity to customize your cabinets from top to bottom. Other companies may sell cabinets that fit in a given space, but Werever cabinets fit YOUR space. All Werever cabinets are custom-built for eac individual project to maximize every bit of usable space. We want you to feel like your yard was built around your cabinets, not the other way around.  

Plus, HDPE is resistant to chipping and peeling, with special UV protection against fading.

Stainless Steel

For a long time, stainless steel was the preferred material for outdoor kitchen cabinets. Even though it might seem like a smart idea to install metal cabinets, the truth is that stainless steel requires ongoing maintenance and special protective coatings to prevent wear and tear. When stainless steel is exposed to weather conditions, such as moisture from rain or snow, it can cause rust and a breakdown of the materials. This wear and tear quickly diminishes the appeal of stainless steel, especially because you must be proactive about proper care. 

In other words, just because it’s stainLESS doesn’t mean it’s stainPROOF.

Another potential drawback of stainless steel is that only one color option is available, limiting your ability to customize the aesthetics of your outdoor kitchen. To change the color of stainless steel, it has to be painted, which means you’ll have to maintain that paint along with the rest of the cabinet. 

The bottom line is that you’ll never be able to fully rejuvenate stainless steel, but a simple clean is enough to make Werever cabinets look like new again.


Wood is not recommended for outdoor kitchen cabinets because of its weakness when exposed to various weather elements. Wood has a high risk of cracking, warping, and rot due to the UV rays from the sun and moisture that will inevitably come in contact with the cabinets. 

Any wood that’s exposed to the elements requires a protective barrier, which means continuous staining and repainting. And keep in mind that pre-painted cabinets were painted while disassembled, which means that you won’t be able to fully recapture that original paint. 

If you insist on installing wood cabinets in your outdoor kitchen, make sure to invest in more weather-resistant wood materials, such as mahogany, teak, or ipe. But remember that these materials are quite expensive and require high maintenance care, and even then will still continue to degrade over time. 

In short, going with wood cabinets now means extra maintenance and most likely a future investment in new cabinets down the road.

Outdoor Kitchen Cabinet Styles

What is your preferred style for your new outdoor kitchen cabinets? At Werever, we offer various door styles. The Plano style is the style included with our cabinets, with many different upgrade designs to choose from for a luxurious upgrade.

One thing to consider when choosing a style: More grooves means more places to hold dirt, so smoother cabinets like the Plano tend to be easier to clean. 


Plano (Front)
Plano (Front)
Plano (Side)
Plano (Side)


V-Groove (Front)
V-Groove (Front)
V-Groove (Side)
V-Groove (Side)

Raised Panel

Raised Panel (Front)
Raised Panel (Front)
Raised Panel (Side)
Raised Panel (Side)


Cove (Front)
Cove (Front)
Cove (Side)
Cove (Side)


Shaker (Front)
Shaker (Front)
Shaker (Side)
Shaker (Side)


Slat (Front)
Slat (Front)
Slat (Side)
Slat (Side)


Sport (Front)
Sport (Front)
Sport (Side)
Sport (Side)

Open French

Open French (Front)
Open French (Front)
Open French (Side)
Open French (Side)

Outdoor Kitchen Cabinet Models

Base Cabinets with Drawer


The Base Cabinet with a Single Drawer is one of our most popular designs for an outdoor kitchen cabinet. Both shelving space and drawer space are convenient for holding all kitchen utensils and serving plates and bowls below. The shelf inside of the cabinet is adjustable. If you choose a cabinet 18 inches or smaller, it will have one door. 

Larger cabinets are designed with double doors. This design makes it easy to see how homeowners can use Werever cabinetry to design an outdoor kitchen that is both functional and stylish at the same time.

Full Height Door


If you don’t need drawer space and prefer to prioritize shelving instead, consider a cabinet design with a full-height door. This outdoor kitchen cabinet maximizes storage space for all of your kitchen necessities. You can adjust the shelves inside to ensure the ideal height for your preferred tools and serving dishes. 

Another benefit of this cabinet design is it is one of the most affordable solutions if you prefer cabinets with doors. Since fewer materials are needed for construction, a full-height door is cheaper than a cabinet with a built-in drawer requiring more HDPE materials for manufacturing.

Open Base


Open Base cabinets are outdoor shelves without doors. This design can be practical for convenient access to frequently used items and for displaying decorative features. Homeowners use these open-base cabinets to fill in the space and upgrade the overall appearance of the outdoor kitchen with accents and designs. 

Sink Base


An outdoor kitchen isn’t complete without a functional sink, which means you need to compare various outdoor sink bases. Not only are Werever cabinets suitable for outdoor kitchens, but these sink bases are also great for laundry rooms, commercial spaces, and labs. Whenever a sink is installed, there is always a risk of potential leaks, which is why it’s critical to invest in waterproof cabinet materials like HDPE. 

These sink bases can be custom-designed to suit any style of sink, including oversized farm-style sinks. The materials are strong and durable to hold heavy sinks while offering convenient storage space, with a choice between a false-drawer face or full-height doors.

Grill Cabinets


If you want a built-in grill as part of your outdoor kitchen, Werever offers the comprehensive solutions you need with storage space, durable HDPE materials, and a lifetime warranty you can trust. 

Choose from different types of grill cabinet designs, such as Drop-in Style, Pedestal style, Kamado, or Big Green Egg specialty styles. Werever’s Drop-In Style (DG Series) cabinets are particularly popular because they are so easy to install without any on-site carpentry needed. The cabinets are custom-cut to match your preferred grill model’s insulating liner and countertop thickness.

Other cabinet lines may fit your grill, but unless they’ve been custom-cut for your specific outdoor kitchen build, they’re going to require some carpentry on site. Werever cabinets are made for your specific grill in your specific kitchen, which means an easy install with little to no modification. 

At Werever, we use advanced design software and CNC machinery to ensure perfect results for every project and every size and type of grill.

Sideburner Cabinets


Werever’s side burner cabinets are a great option if you want to mirror the design of a grill cabinet in a smaller space. This design uses a customized faceplate to match your side burner, as well as insulating liners to ensure safety and stability. 

Side burners are the perfect solution if you need to heat oversized pans or boil large pots of water. And just like grill cabinets, sideburner cabinets are custom cut to minimize carpentry at installation. 

The cabinet may be shortened if desired, with the option to extend the countertop with a built-in backsplash and protective side. Choose from single- or double-door designs based on your desired cabinet size. 

Wall Cabinets


Wall cabinets expand your storage space and put all your favorite items in an easy-to-reach location. You have full flexibility to choose the height and width of the cabinets to match your overall kitchen design. Cabinets that are 18 inches wide or less will have a single door. Designs that are 21 inches and wider are designed with double doors. Werever’s standard depth is 15 inches for wall cabinets, which gives more storage space compared to the competitors who usually offer shallower designs measuring only 11 or 12 inches. Installing a deeper design ensures plenty of space to store larger plates and items.

Bar Cabinets


Bar cabinets are unique to Werever and one reason we stand out from other outdoor cabinet manufacturers. We created this unique design to accommodate exposed bar sections. It is designed to extend the cabinet’s back with a raised piece. As a result, you can save both time and money since a retaining wall isn’t necessary. You have the option to add a decorative back panel if desired or put your preferred material on the back to create a customized appearance. Various design options are available using multiple drawer configurations: single-door, full-height, sink base, and specialized cabinets such as the built-in grill and sideburn bar cabinets.

Corner Cabinets


Don’t waste the corner space when you have the option to add more storage solutions. Outdoor cabinetry designs offer three corner options: dead corners, blind corners, and angled corners. The most cost-effective solution is installing dead corners which use fillers to link two cabinets and can include access panels if needed. Werever also offers other solutions, such as Blind Corner Cabinets built with accessible doors on either side of a filler. Or talk to us about Diagonal Corner Cabinets if you want maximum corner access. Consider your personal preferences, including available space and your budget for the project. If cost-savings are your priority, Dead Corner can be a great option. On the other hand, if you need larger storage space for items that are not frequently used, then consider a blind corners design.

Pull-Out Cabinets


If you want to optimize functionality, then consider Werever’s pull-out cabinets. These cabinets are carefully designed based on customer feedback, with the goal of optimizing both storage and accessibility. You can choose from many different pull-out options, such as trash pull-outs, double trash cabinets, LP gas tank holders, and trays if you need easy access to the items inside. We always ensure durability and functionality by using full extension slides, allowing complete removal of the slide-out from the cabinet frame.

3-Drawer Base


The three-drawer base cabinet is a functional option to consider if you need plenty of storage for bulky items such as pots and pans. This design comes in sizes increasing by 3 inches, with the largest size being a maximum of 21 inches wide. If you are looking for cabinets that are wider than 21 inches, then we recommend a four-drawer cabinet design.

4-Drawer Base


Werever’s largest drawer unit is our four-drawer base cabinet. It is similar to the design of the three-drawer base, with one additional drawer for improved storage solutions. The standard offering width is 24 inches, with options to customize the sizing if you have specific preferences.

Pantry Cabinet


Pantry cabinets are the perfect solution if you need to maximize storage space for all the essentials: grilling tools, serving bowls, or any other larger items. Choose from 2-door and 4-door models, allowing you to customize your storage requirements with precision. If your available storage space is compact, then a 2-door design is ideal. Or consider expanding to a 4-door design if you have plenty of space available for storage installation. Not only are these outdoor kitchen cabinets functional and useful, but they also add to the overall design and aesthetics of your outdoor living space.

Outdoor Cabinet Filler Pieces

Filler pieces are essential for closing the gaps between cabinets, shelving, and more. Various challenges can be solved using filler pieces, such as accommodating doors that open beyond the cabinet width. For example, some of our cabinets are designed with 100-degree stainless steel self-closing hinges, which require a little extra space to open. Fillers are also great for solving other issues such as imperfections in the walls and ensuring the cabinets are installed level and plumb. 

Werever offers different types of fillers to customize your cabinet design, including base fillers, double return fillers, refrigerator fillers, wall fillers, and wall corner fillers. And Werever’s customized fillers allow for more elegant use of space compared to competitors who are more limited in their filler sizes.

Base Filler


Werever’s base fillers are designed with a return piece, which allows the most secure attachment to the cabinet using stainless steel truss bolts (supplied with your cabinets). These bolts are designed to fit into pre-drilled holes located inside the cabinet. The fillers are also pre-drilled, so they match the cabinet’s bolt pattern, making a DIY installation simple and easy.

Double Return Filler


Base fillers with double returns are useful when there is a gap between two items, and you need to improve structural stability. They are customized to have a precise fit and finish, maintaining the same reveal as a cabinet door between the filler piece and adjacent cabinet. Werever’s meticulous attention to detail ensures standard dimensions across all components so you have a flawless fit and perfect installation. Our consistency is what makes our outdoor kitchen cabinets stand out from the competition.

Refrigerator Filler


If you have a gap between the cabinets and appliances (often 24” wide), then a refrigerator filler is a great way to close the space. 

If you have a tight budget for appliances, then you might save money by choosing a 20″ refrigerator with double return fillers placed on either side to hide the opening gap. This future-proofs your refrigerator space by allowing you the option to upgrade to a 24” fridge in the future by removing the fillers. Fillers give you more flexibility to get the refrigerator you want without worrying about a perfect fit.

Wall Filler


These fillers correspond with the height of the cabinet, using a return piece to mirror the depth of the adjacent wall cabinet. The purpose of these fillers is to eliminate any visible gaps, so your outdoor kitchen has a polished, stylish appearance.

Most other cabinet lines don’t use wall fillers like these, which is why Werever cabinets always look like they were made specifically for your outdoor kitchen….because they are!

Wall Corner Filler


When you are installing a dead corner, it’s common to have a void at the bottom of the wall cabinets. Werever offers a custom-made wall corner piece to not only fill the large gap but also aid with installation. The corner filler bolts between two cabinets and is designed with matching CNC-finished edges for a seamless fit.

This is another type of filler that you won’t often see on non-Werever cabinets, and are just another way we customize our cabinets to your space. 

End Panels and Posts


End Panels are an effective solution if you have exposed cabinet sections for appliances like refrigerators. The panels and posts offer structural support and help to improve the overall look of your outdoor kitchen. 

The minimum width is 3 inches and can be custom-fitted to your unique cabinet design. End panels and posts come in different styles to close the gaps or extend to walls. Popular options include Refrigerator End Panels, Finished Return Panels, and Posts.

Refrigerator End Panel


If you need to cap the end of base cabinets, then consider using Refrigerator End Panels. These panels offer structural support and leveling when you are placing under-counter appliances. Additionally, the end panels are helpful for holding countertop weight.

Finished Return


Finished Return Panels feature two solid sides when you need to cap open spaces where both panel sides are visible. The purpose of finished return panels is to provide structural support and leveling for countertops.



Do you need extra structural support when attaching finished back panels to walls or voids? Werever’s posts are easy to use, offering leveling legs for simple installation. Additionally, toe kick attachment is available to improve the project’s structural integrity.

Countertop Corbels



If you need to support bar overhang cabinets, then Werever’s countertop corbels are a stylish and functional solution. These accessories are the perfect complement to various outdoor cabinetry designs, coming in standard, deluxe, and arched styles.

Outdoor Kitchen Cabinet Hardware


Curved Pull


Outdoor Kitchen Cabinet Layouts

As you are assessing your available outdoor space, consider different outdoor kitchen cabinet layouts to maximize available storage and functionality. Popular layouts include L-shape, U-shape, Island, or Straight, but of course Werever’s designers can make your cabinets fit in any space.

Make sure to think ahead regarding the traffic flow through your outdoor kitchen. The goal is to create a space that allows seamless movement for cooking, socializing, dining, and any other activities you will be planning outside. Keep in mind that costs vary depending on the outdoor kitchen cabinet layout that you choose based on the size of the space and materials needed. If you have a corner space, then an L-shape is an excellent choice, or a U-shape is ideal for maximizing workspace. An island is often preferred for homeowners who will be entertaining a lot. Lastly, a straight design might be the best solution if you need a compact outdoor kitchen.


It’s easy to see why the L-shaped outdoor kitchen is a popular layout because it fits well in corner spaces and also provides plenty of room for cooking and dining. The ‘L’ shape creates a natural divide between the cooking and dining areas, allowing the cook to participate in conversations while preparing meals. Werever offers customized dimensions based on your specific needs and the available space. Another benefit of the L-shape is that it allows easy inclusion of various appliances and maximizes counter space at the same time.


If you have plenty of space available consider installing a U-shaped outdoor kitchen. Not only does this design allow for a lot of countertop space, but it also provides layout options for effective work triangles so you can prepare meals as efficiently as possible. Additionally, the large kitchen design offers plenty of storage solutions so you can have a fully functional outdoor kitchen with all the necessary supplies and accessories. The U-shaped layout encourages social interactions since it allows guests to gather around the cooking area without disturbing the chef. This layout is perfect for homeowners who enjoy entertaining large groups.



Adding an island to your outdoor kitchen design improves the functionality of the space by providing a convenient extra workspace for food preparation and serving. Consider placing essential appliances and amenities on your island, such as a grill and sink. This layout makes your food preparation and cooking process very functional and simple since everything is within easy reach. Aesthetically, the island is the focal point of the outdoor kitchen, which increases the overall look and feel of the outdoor living space.


When space is limited, then a straight or single-wall outdoor kitchen layout is ideal. You can still enjoy plenty of workspace and storage space, with an efficient and compact design. At the same time, the stylish cabinets and countertops add an aesthetic appeal to your outdoor living space, patio, or pool area. You can have the simplicity of a highly functional outdoor kitchen while minimizing the required footprint.


Werever offers all the materials and design support you need for outdoor kitchen cabinets. Rest assured, knowing that installation is a straightforward process and you don’t need prior cabinet installation experience. You can complete the installation if you have a basic understanding of common hand tools – no extensive carpentry knowledge is necessary.

When you are getting started with the installation, begin by familiarizing yourself with the layout of your cabinets. The most efficient solution is to lay out your entire outdoor kitchen before you start leveling or fastening anything. You’ll find your hardware, which has been meticulously counted for your specific layout, included in a sealed bag. We want to make the installation process as smooth as possible, which is why we offer detailed instructions on how to properly level the cabinets, anchor the walls, add fillers, back panels, and more. 

For more info, check out our installation guides. 

Care & Maintenance

Because Werever cabinets are built with durable materials, maintaining the exterior is easy. Usually, all you need to do is wash the cabinets regularly with water and a soft cloth or sponge. If the outdoor kitchen cabinets are dirty, a mild cleaning product can be used. A soft-bristled brush can be useful for more stubborn buildup. When you are done cleaning, then dry the cabinets with a soft towel to prevent water spots. Also, consider wiping the cabinets occasionally with a microfiber cloth and a vinyl protectant product, like Armor-All. Always avoid using abrasive materials on the cabinets because the abrasive texture can cause irreversible damage.

When you have stainless steel components, such as door and drawer hardware, grills, and appliances, then regular upkeep is essential to keep the steel looking good. Follow specific care instructions provided with your grill or other outdoor appliances.

Stainless steel hardware and appliances should be cleaned using a stainless steel cleaner, then a stainless steel protectant should be added to minimize damage from harsh weather elements.. When dealing with stains or rust, use caution due to the grain pattern of stainless steel. You will likely scratch the stainless steel surface if you are scrubbing aggressively, especially in a circular motion or against the grain. Check the care instructions for your specific appliance to minimize damage.

The importance of preventative care for stainless steel cannot be overstated. Proactive maintenance is the best way to avoid problems in the future, especially for outdoor kitchens near saltwater which require more cleaning and protection. Keep in mind that using a grill cover can provide some protection, but it can also trap moisture against the metal, which promotes rusting and corrosion.

When you are investing in an outdoor kitchen, you want to be sure that the cabinets and appliances will last for many years. Regular cleaning and preventative maintenance can contribute to the durability and functionality of your outdoor living space.

Finishing Your Outdoor Kitchen

When adding the finishing touches to your outdoor kitchen, appliances and extra features can make a big difference and boost the functionality and charm of your new space.

Lighting & Electrical

Not only is proper lighting essential for hosting after the sun goes down, but good lighting can enhance the aesthetic appeal of your outdoor space and improve safety at the same time. Since electrical wiring and installation can be complicated and dangerous, it’s usually recommended to hire professionals to assist.


It’s easy to argue that the grill is the most vital element in any outdoor kitchen. A good grill serves as the main cooking tool, making it fun and easy to provide delicious meals for your friends and family. Many homeowners agree that it’s worth the expense to install a high-quality grill.


Ensure cold drinks, food safety, and convenience by installing a refrigerator in your outdoor kitchen. Choose from full-scale outdoor fridges to compact under-counter models if space is limited.


When installing countertops, make sure to choose materials that are durable and easy to maintain. Werever recommends granite or stone, especially in a lighter color since darker colors absorb more heat.. 

Stone has been stone in it’s natural state for millions of years, so why choose anything else for an outdoor kitchen?

Not only do countertops offer a convenient solution for food preparation, but you can also use this space for serving food and holding different accessories to enhance the usability of your outdoor kitchen.

The Werever Difference

What are your goals and preferences for your outdoor kitchen? Align your selection of appliances and add-ons to create the kitchen of your dreams, while considering both space and budget constraints. You’ll be glad you invested in a kitchen that is designed to suit your unique needs.