From the Tropics to the Mountaintop: Werever Cabinets for Every Aesthetic

If you have a New Year’s resolution to spend more time outdoors this year, make your own backyard space more inviting by giving it an upgrade with brand-new outdoor kitchen cabinets from Werever. Our cabinets are extremely versatile with options to fit perfectly into your outdoor kitchen space–no matter what your design aesthetic or lifestyle is. 

Below, we’re highlighting how Werever customers have used our premier outdoor cabinetry to upgrade their outdoor kitchen spaces in a variety of design styles. 

Beachfront Beauty

Our gorgeous white cabinetry graces this client’s beachfront porch, mirroring the serene coastal style of this seaside abode. To complete this project, we utilized a number of different Werever cabinet styles, including the base cabinet with a single drawer, the full height door cabinet, three-drawer base cabinet, and more, giving the client a perfect spot to savor the sea breeze while cooking up a delicious meal. 

Rooftop Views

Here, our slate gray outdoor cabinets look sleek and modern alongside the city skyline and perfectly complement this rooftop patio’s chic aesthetic. This stylish outdoor retreat features our four-drawer base cabinet, in addition to a few other cabinet styles.

Rustic Charm

If you’re looking for an outdoor kitchen with both rustic charm and modern convenience, we have you covered. Our dark brown outdoor cabinets effortlessly integrate into this rustic backyard space, offering the client the right amount of storage space with a touch of outdoor elegance. This is also the only outdoor kitchen space on this list that features our highly functional wall cabinets, which provide even more storage space than the base cabinets alone.  

Patio Perfection 

Capturing the essence of Americana, our creamy white cabinets look fabulous alongside the client’s exterior brick wall, offering a generous amount of storage and countertop space for this backyard kitchen. For this unique project, we installed our convenient outdoor grill cabinet, which perfectly incorporates this client’s impressive grilling station into the rest of their outdoor kitchen space. 

Pizza Oven Dream

Our light gray cabinets frame this unique outdoor kitchen space, complementing the Tuscan vibe and providing a stylish backdrop for this client’s culinary adventures with their prominent pizza oven. Unique to this design are our false drawer face sink base and pull-out trash cabinet, which add a great amount of utility to this quaint kitchen space. 

Gorgeous Garden Oasis

For this enchanting backyard kitchen, our dark brown cabinets seamlessly blend into the lush scenery, flanked by two majestic trees that make this project look like it’s right out of a fairytale. This is the perfect haven for outdoor cooking delights, with two rows of cabinetry facing each other for maximum food preparation and storage space. 

All-Weather Design

From winter wonderland to summertime bliss, our weatherproof cabinets endure all seasons. So if you thought outdoor kitchens were only for those living in warmer climates, we’re happy to reveal that our durable outdoor cabinets make it so you can create an outdoor kitchen space no matter what the climate is like in your area. Here, our cabinets are gracefully inlaid in brick, proving that durability meets design, no matter the weather.