5 Essential Features for a Luxury Outdoor Kitchen

An upscale outdoor kitchen can help you entertain guests like a professional. You won’t need to continuously meet up in bars and restaurants when you have the ideal setup right in your own backyard.

Whether you are designing a luxury outdoor kitchen from the bottom up, or want to make some small changes to get a more refined feel, these ideas can help make your space feel more like a high-end restaurant. 

Entertainment Center

An entertainment area is a cornerstone of most outdoor living spaces. Bring the fun of watching the big game from the indoors to the outdoors. Hang a large smart TV above a wet bar for the ultimate luxurious feel. 

Make your home the go-to spot on warm summer nights by setting up a large table and comfortable chairs around the entertainment center so loved ones can enjoy talking, laughing, and bonding over favorite shows and films. Add an outdoor fireplace for a cozy place to gather and roast s’mores during the cooler seasons. 

Designer Appliances 

If you really want to bring your outdoor kitchen to the next level, invest in designer versions of key kitchen appliances. Opt for a high-end, full-sized refrigerator to store party-sized amounts of food and beverages. You may want to consider a top-tier grill, like the Viking Range outdoor grill, known for its excellent reputation for superior cooking and elegant design. 

Choose each most-used item with care, as it will affect the overall quality of the food and have a large impact on the look of the space. 

Full Wet Bar

While serving drinks around a lounging area is nice, a full-sized wet bar can be a deluxe feature in your outdoor kitchen that impresses every guest. 

Did you know you can even customize your own bar? Choose your own built-in sink design, ranging from one, two, three, or more cabinets depending on your needs. We also suggest well-crafted wall cabinets to display your selection of fine liquors. Mix and match cabinet sizes and depths until you have the perfect fit. 

Built-In Side Burners

Built-in side burners function like a small grill cabinet. They can be made to fit the same aesthetic as your grill and make the kitchen look even more cohesive. 

Side burners can also hold unsightly grill items to help the area appear cleaner and more open. Plus, you can conveniently find all your must-have items in one place, so you never forget where you last placed your tongs.

Complete Dining Setup

Elevate your open-air dining experience by bringing a touch of the formality of indoor eating to your outdoor space. Choose a high-quality dining table and matching chairs for proper meals and celebrations with the benefit of fresh air and beautiful scenery.

Make sure you take note of the finishing touches, like matching silverware, napkins, glasses, and placemats. Use space in your wet bar or choose personalized cabinetry to display your best dining sets. 

Your outdoor kitchen area can be transformed from run-of-the-mill to completely luxurious with just these few changes.