Health Risks of PVC Outdoor Cabinets

PVC is a known hazard to human health and to the environment. If you’re shopping for outdoor cabinets, beware of PVC cabinets. Werever builds HDPE outdoor cabinets, not PVC. HDPE is superior to PVC when it comes to strength, heat resistance and strength, UV-resistance, chemical resistance, and general longevity. That’s why Werever is able to offer a lifetime warranty while competitors offer shorter 5-year warranties. Beyond performance differences, there are important health and environmental dangers associated with PVC. If you’re selecting cabinets for your outdoor kitchen, get informed about what you’re buying.

Sources Citing Dangers of PVC

Material safety may not be a factor you’ve even considered until now. The hazard of PVC isn’t even a debated topic. This isn’t like global change science where you can cite one expert on one side of the topic and another on the opposite side. PVC carries known risks. Period. Don’t just take our word for it. Do your own research. Even a quick Google search for terms like “pvc danger”, “pvc risk”, and “pvc hazard” will show you numerous credible sources detailing the many hazards of PVC.  Here are a few examples:

“PVC contains dangerous chemical additives including phthalates, lead, cadmium, and/or organotins, which can be toxic to your child’s health.” Source: State of New Jersey Department of Human Services

“PVC packaging is toxic in all stages of its lifecycle. PVC production involves large amounts of dangerous chlorine gas, as well as vinyl chloride, a dangerous carcinogen.” Source: Healthy Building Science

“Some people who have breathed vinyl chloride for several years have changes in the structure of their livers.” “Some people who have worked with vinyl chloride have nerve damage, and others develop an immune reaction.” “Studies in animals show that extremely high levels of vinyl chloride can damage the liver, lungs, and kidneys. These levels also can damage the heart and prevent blood clotting.” Source: US Center for Disease Control’s Agency for Toxic Substances & Disease Registry

“The by-products of the vinyl lifecycle have been shown to cause a range of health hazards, often at extremely low doses, including cancer, disruption of the endocrine system, reproductive impairment, impaired child development and birth defects, neurotoxicity (damage to the brain or its function), and suppression of the immune system.” Source: Briefing paper for the U.S. Green Building Council by Joe Thornton, Ph.D. Columbia Earth Institute, Columbia University NOTE: Werever Products is an active member of the U.S. Green Building Council

Why do other manufacturers build from PVC if HDPE?

If HDPE is so superior to PVC, why do other manufacturers even use it? There is one, simple answer to this question: COST. PVC as a raw material costs less than HDPE. In a world where cost cutting and skimping on quality is sadly becoming all too common, Werever insists on maintaining the highest of quality standards. But quite interestingly, our finished cabinet isn’t always the most expensive option! It’s easy enough to compare prices… we provide free designs and free quotes!

“Marine Grade Polymer”

You may have read the term “marine grade polymer” when shopping for outdoor cabinets. Because of the negative view of PVC, other manufacturers have started labeling their PVC cabinets as “marine grade polymer” instead. That is a term specifically intended to mask dangerous PVC as being something it is not, HDPE.

Make an Informed Choice about PVC

Werever wants you to make an informed decision. We spell out our construction methods. We explain our differences in our materials, our warranty, and answer your questions . Even though Werever builds with a more expensive raw material, our price of the finished product is often less than competing cabinets that don’t match our quality! Win-win! Other than investing some of your time talking to our designers, it doesn’t cost you a thing to request free material samples and get started with our FREE outdoor kitchen design service. When the dust settles, you’ll be left with a beautiful outdoor entertaining area that is safe for your family and will last for years.

credit: openhouse