Weatherstrong vs. Werever: What’s the difference?

If you’re in the market for an outdoor kitchen, chances are you’ve seen cabinets for sale through big box retailers.  Sure, they may offer a better price point, but in the long-term, what are you sacrificing in terms of value?  We compared Weatherstrong cabinets, for sale through Home Depot and Costco, with our Werever brand to illustrate the differences in warranty, materials, construction, and customization. Please note, this post was originally written in 2017.  Werever has not changed our cabinet material, our construction methods during that timeframe. Werever has been building outdoor cabinets since 2001.  The Weatherstrong brand was introduced in 2016. Since 2017, Weatherstrong has changed their product line. This page has been updated numerous times, pulling the latest information and content from Weatherstrong’s website as a convenience to you, the consumer.  As of 6/18/2021, the following information is accurate per Weatherstrong’s website, and per information Weatherstrong has sent Werever, asking us to change information about their company’s products:

 Weatherstrong  Why is this important?
WarrantyLifetime5 Year
Werever has been in business since 2001, honoring a lifetime warranty on an outdoor kitchen cabinet line that has been tested and proven in all 50 states in the US, including Alaska and Hawaii, and several international locations as well. Werever cabinet body and doors all carry the same lifetime warranty.

The Weatherstrong line was introduced in 2016. Weatherstrong warrants their cabinets for 5 years or Lifetime depending on which line you select. Weatherstrong’s HDPE doors are backed by a lifetime warranty. Per Weatherstrong’s written warranty as of 6/18/2021, the warranty for Weatherstrong’s Designer Series is for your lifetime as long as you own the cabinetry, and is not transferable. The warranty for Weatherstrong’s Standard Series is for a period of five years as long as you own the cabinetry and is not transferable.
Box MaterialSolid HDPE with UV Inhibitors“All‑Weatherboard™ composite material”Werever only builds cabinets using solid High Density Polyethylene (HDPE). It is the best material on the planet for outdoor cabinetry. It is not the cheapest option. Werever’s position is that we build the best outdoor cabinet on the planet using the finest materials available. Werever does not build from any type of “composite” material, nor a material that contains PVC, nor material that is MDF.

Weatherstrong uses a “proprietary composite material to build their cabinet boxes”.  They refer to it as “3/4″ thick waterproofed composite material.” Weatherstrong has trademarked a name and doesn’t clearly state what their boxes are made from. They do not identify what the board actually is on their website. Weatherstrong has told Werever All‑Weatherboard™ “is actually a waterproofed MDF.”

The advantage of MDF is that it costs less than HDPE. For some, cost is the primary factor in making a purchase. For some, the highest quality available is the primary factor. While MDF (including waterproofed variants) costs less, the board does not outperform HDPE for strength, maintenance, water resistance, UV stabilization, or temperature resistance.

See a comparison where different materials are put through a variety of strength tests.
Heat Resistance265 degrees140 degrees
265 degrees
All of Werever’s cabinet bodies and doors are made from solid UV-stabilized HDPE. The entire cabinet is built to withstand temperatures of 265 degrees.

Weatherstrong’s doors are HDPE, so they also carry a temperature resistance of 265 degrees. Weatherstrong’s written warranty separates heat resistance into two categories.  From Weatherstrong’s Warranty: “For Designer Series cabinetry, excessive heat is a surface temp >265°, for Standard Series cabinets, excessive heat is a surface temp >140°”

The difference in temperature ratings is because HDPE has a different temperature resistance than Weatherstrong’s waterproofed MDF “3/4″ thick Gray All‑Weatherboard™ composite material”.

Watch this heat test for a side-by-side comparison showing how different materials perform when exposed to heat.
ConstructionProprietary hardware-free interlocking jointsDowel Alignment and AdhesiveWerever’s industry exclusive hardware-free joints won’t ever fail. The entire assembly is made out of the same material, allowing expansion and contraction to occur at the same rate. Glue will break down and fail. Glue will not stick to solid HDPE.  Years ago, Werever experimented with using glue and adhesives as a fastening method. Werever used 3M’s “VHB” (very high bond) line, including a 2-part epoxy that was advertised to stick to HDPE.  After about 2 seasons outside, Werever’s own testing showed that the epoxy began to fail. In a clinical, indoor climate controlled atmosphere, these adhesives perform reasonably well.  They do not perform outside.

Weatherstrong’s website states “Cabinet Construction: WeatherStrong cabinets are factory built to order with precision dowel alignment and a fast cure solvent‑free structural marine adhesive system that provides excellent flexibility, toughness and bond strength.” In a letter Weatherstrong sent to Werever on this topic, Weatherstrong states, “Weatherstrong does use an alignment dowel and glue assembly system for our All-Weatherboard™ cabinet boxes. However All-Weatherboard™ is actually a waterproofed MDF, not HDPE, and therefore the glue forms a strong and durable bond.”

Glue will stick to MDF. Glue will not form a lasting permanent bond on HDPE. These two approaches to cabinet construction are very different. Werever’s method of joining cabinets is an industry exclusive method.
Color Choices14 Solid HDPE
5 Woodgrain HDPE
6 Solid HDPE
5 Woodgrain HDPE
Werever has the most extensive color palette in the HDPE outdoor kitchen cabinet industry. Werever offers several proprietary colors that are not available from any other manufacturer. Please note, this information is current as of 6/18/2021.
Door Styles84Werever offers 8 door styles, plus a clear plexiglass option for upper cabinets.  Please note, this information is current as of 6/18/2021.
CustomizationYesNoWerever’s line can be highly customized and modified without modification/customization fees. Werever can modify height, width, depth, and other cabinet options. Werever can modify dimensions to give you an exact custom fit.

Weatherstrong has communicated to Werever: “Weatherstrong does not charge for customization. Each style is available in (838) cabinet models, which can be used to suit most applications.”
Drawer SlidesProprietary hardware-free drawer slidesSomething elseWerever’s drawer glides have been tested to over 75,000 cycles with zero sign of deterioration or pending failure. They will last a lifetime without maintenance.

Weatherstrong uses metal drawer slides that are specifically excluded from any warranty coverage. Weatherstrong’s website states “Drawer Glides: Soft close, side mounted, ball bearing stainless steel drawer runners “.  Please visit Weatherstrong’s website to verify this description. Source: This information can be verified on Weatherstrong’s website on the page titled “The WeatherStrong Difference”

Werever’s drawers are NOT soft-close. A trade-off for Werever’s hardware free drawer glides is that the hardware free approach does not have a hardware-based dampening system. Some may prefer soft-close drawers. Werever’s approach is to pick the most durable, long-lasting system.
Leveling SystemAdjustable LegsAdjustable LegsFor outdoor environments, a slope of one or more inches over eight feet is extremely common due to drainage requirements. Werever’s legs can be adjusted from 3.75 Inches to over 5 inches. Plus, leg extenders are available if needed. Toe kick panels are installed to cover the entire assembly. Shims are fine if the slope is 1/4 inch or less. Beyond that, gaps will show. Watch this video explaining leveling leg systems for more information.
Grill Cabinets Factory Cut to Fit GrillYesNoWerever has a full line of grill cabinets, side burner cabinets, and other cabinets intended to hold appliances. Werever’s grill cabinets come factory cut to fit your grill’s cutout dimensions. This eliminates the need to fabricate a support structure or cut the grill cabinet to fit your grill, ensuring a perfect structurally sound fit.
Hinges Per Door3Please Ask
Werever’s standard base cabinet doors use 3 hinges per door.

Please contact Weatherstrong for exact hinge specifications. Weatherstrong has informed Werever “Weatherstrong’s standard 30″ high HDPE doors, used on base and wall cabinets, feature (3) Soft Close hinges”. In an earlier product comparison, Werever referenced Weatherstrong’s product diagrams. Weatherstrong has since notified Werever “Those are generic cabinet illustrations and are not intended to be used to specify the number of hinges.”  

There are significant differences between these two cabinet lines. We encourage you to ask questions of both manufacturers and do your own research. And remember, you can always use Werever’s FREE DESIGN SERVICE to get an itemized quote, exact price, and photo-realistic 3D renderings to make the best comparison between outdoor kitchen cabinet options.

Weatherstrong offers (6) solid HDPE colors and (5) woodgrain sssss