Weatherstrong vs. Werever: What’s the difference?

If you’re in the market for an outdoor kitchen, chances are you’ve seen cabinets for sale through big box retailers.  Sure, they may offer a better price point, but in the long-term, what are you sacrificing in terms of value?  We compared Weatherstrong cabinets, for sale through Home Depot, with our Werever brand to illustrate the differences in warranty, materials, construction, and customization.  Here are the results:

 Weatherstrong   Why is this important?
Warranty Lifetime 5 Year Werever has been in business since 2001, honoring a lifetime warranty on an outdoor kitchen cabinet line that has been tested and proven in all 50 states in the US, including Alaska and Hawaii, and several international locations as well. The Weatherstrong line was introduced in 2016.
Material Solid HDPE with UV Inhibitors Air Injected PVC HDPE is significantly stronger than PVC. See a comparison where different materials are put through a variety of strength tests.
Heat Resistance 265 degrees 140 degrees Direct sunlight will heat outdoor kitchen cabinets above 140 degrees. Weatherstrong excludes coverage for heat above 140 degrees in their warranty and lists this limitation in their product specifications. Werever cabinets do not have this limitation and are engineered for direct sunlight.
Watch this heat test for a side-by-side comparison showing how these materials perform when exposed to heat.
Construction Proprietary hardware-free interlocking joints Dowel & Glue Werever’s industry exclusive hardware-free joints won’t ever fail. The entire assembly is made out of the same material, allowing expansion and contraction to occur at the same rate. Glue will break down and fail, thus, Weatherstrong’s 5 year warranty.
Color Choices 11 3 Werever has the most extensive color palette in the HDPE outdoor kitchen cabinet industry.
Door Styles 9 4 Werever offers 9 door styles, plus a clear plexiglass option for upper cabinets.
Customization Yes No Werever’s line can be customized and modified without additional fees. Weatherstrong’s cabinets come as they are only.
Drawer Slides Proprietary hardware-free drawer slides Metal Werever’s drawer glides have been tested to over 75,000 cycles with zero sign of deterioration or pending failure. They will last a lifetime without maintenance. Weatherstrong’s metal drawer slides are specifically excluded from any warranty coverage.
Leveling System Adjustable Legs Shims Required For outdoor environments, a slope of one or more inches over eight feet is extremely common due to drainage requirements. Werever’s legs can be adjusted from 3.75 Inches to over 5 inches. Plus, leg extenders are available if needed. Toe kick panels are installed to cover the entire assembly. Shims are fine if the slope is 1/4 inch or less. Beyond that, gaps will show.
Watch this video explaining leveling leg systems for more information.
Grill Cabinets Yes No Werever has a full line of grill cabinets, side burner cabinets, and other cabinets intended to hold appliances. Due to the heat limitations of Weatherstrong’s cabinets, Weatherstrong recommends using freestanding grills, separate from the cabinetry.
Cabinet Backs Solid Structural Back Open Weatherstrong’s standard cabinet backs are open, meaning no material is used in their standard cabinet backs. You’ll see your home’s wall inside the cabinets. Werever cabinets come standard with a solid structural back.
Hinges Per Door 3 2 Fewer hinges means less support, which is an issue with PVC cabinets that are prone to warping.
Lead Times 2-14 days 7-10 days Werever even ships custom, made-to-order custom cabinets within this lead time.
Specialty Cabinets Yes No In addition to typical cabinet styles, Werever offers a variety of specialty cabinets for outdoor kitchens including trash pull-outs, LP-tank storage cabinets, warming drawer cabinets, grill cabinets, side burner cabinets, diagonal corner cabinets, pedestal cabinets, and more.
Specialty Trim Options Yes No In addition to fillers and other necessary installation aids, Werever offers crown molding, stemware holders, light valance pieces, baseboard, refrigerator panels, and other finishing pieces to give you the custom built look.

Obviously these differences are quite significant. And remember, you can always use Werever’s FREE DESIGN SERVICE to get an itemized quote, exact price, and photo-realistic 3D renderings to make the best comparison between outdoor kitchen cabinet options.