What is Marine Grade Polymer and Other Tough Questions About Outdoor Cabinetry Answered

WerEver’s Chris DePaul has worked in all facets of building construction for more than a decade, becoming an expert in materials and construction methods along the way. As Production Manager, he oversees every aspect of cabinet production, and spearheads R&D to make sure that WerEver is always ahead of the curve in outdoor cabinetry.

Chris sat down with Geoff Thompson — who has remodeled and flipped several houses of his own and has created nearly 100 how-to videos for The Home Depot and others  — to discuss some of the current landscape in outdoor cabinetry.

Chris clears the air on numerous topics, such as:

  • Suitability of HDPE, PVC and urethane foam (which gives the “wood look”) as materials for outdoor cabinets in terms of strength and durability
  • What exactly is a polymer and “marine grade polymer”?
  • Construction methods of WerEver and PVC cabinet boxes
  • The “green” aspects of HDPE and PVC

This is the first installment in a series that pits HDPE head-to-head against PVC and urethane foam. We’ll compare the strengths and weaknesses of these materials, with some surprising results.