Werever Outdoor Cabinet Cost – Project 12013

Example project cost includes CABINETS ONLY

  • Project 12013 - La Verne, CA $5,905

    Werever Cabinetry was planned in combination with a masonry structure by request from the client. Werever cabinetry provides enhanced storage in the form of doors and drawers, and a convenient double pull-out trash cabinet was planned at the corner near the bar area, keeping waste out of sight. Our V-Groove Cove Detail was added to the finished cabinet side panel to continue the aesthetic of the client-selected door style, attractively finishing the end of the run. The dark, Espresso color contrasts nicely with surrounding light-colored finishes, while complementing other dark elements in the space including light fixtures and outdoor furnishings.

Personalized customer service

Werever cabinetry is the perfect choice for OUTDOOR and INDOOR  areas that demand extremely durable yet attractive cabinets, with an exclusive customer service for both residential and commercial projects.  Among our clients are Ritz Carlton, Warner Brothers Studios, San Diego Zoo, NOAA Laboratory and University of North Carolina.