Outdoor Kitchen Trends Summer 2019

An annual survey by the American Institute of Architect (AIA) reveals that outdoor kitchens top the trend list for the most wanted cooking space and best feature in a house for the second year in a row. While certain appliances tend to get attention and remain high in popularity, other features trends vary year by year. Check out the outdoor kitchen trends for 2019

Stone Wall Finishing

Dream outdoor kitchen with store wall

This powerful rustic material is still the top one trend when it comes to wall finishing. It creates a great integration with the landscape and a solid look to your outdoor kitchen.

stone wall outdoor kitchen

The stone finishing can also cover smaller walls such as oven ducts or island back and side panels.

Pergola and Covered Porch

pergola outdoor kitchen

The covered outdoor kitchens offer shade and more entertaiment comfort. Pergolas give an extra sofistication touch and for sure stay on on the top of our trend list.

covered outdoor kitchen cabinets

Gray Cabinets

grey outdoor cabinets

Outdoor cabinets in different shades of gray stay are the number one item of a contemporary kitchen list. Werever offers a variety of cabinetry colors in HDPE, therefore the finishing won’t fade over time.

Bar Features

outdoor kitchen with beer tal

The bar features such as beer tap, wine cabinet and stools facing the TV will add extra fun to your parties and game nights.

bar features in outdoor kitchen

Big Green Egg

Big Green Egg and outdoor kitchen cabinets

The Big Green Egg is a modern-day Kamado (Japanese for “stove” or “cooking”) and most people may wonder what exactly is the egg. This all-in-one cooking device can grill steak, smoke ribs, and even bake bread or pizza. Click here to check the benefits and features.

Small Area Outdoor Kitchen

small outdoor kitchen

Urban homes and small patios also have a huge potential for a great outdoor kitchen and living area. Natural materials and green walls create a perfect atmosphere in this outdoor kitchen.

Refrigerated Drawers

When choosing an appliance to keep the beverages cool, consider the convenience of the refrigerated drawers. The bottles get more accessible making this appliace a fantastic upgrade from the old ice bucket.

The most important thing: Werever manufactures custom outdoor cabinetry that are maintenance free, with a life-time warranty. Less headache with top confort is definitely what all the home owners are loking for.

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