The ultimate cooking experience: Big Green Egg

If you grill and smoke meats all year-round or love coal-fired pizza, you might want to consider investing in the most versatile cooking device.

Aside from its green color and elegant exterior, the Big Green Egg is definitely an eye-catching appliance in any household. Most of our clients come to us with the intention to design their outdoor kitchen around their Big Green Egg. It is definitely a show stopper and worth including in your outdoor kitchen.

What is the Big Green Egg?

The Big Green Egg is a modern-day Kamado (Japanese for “stove” or “cooking”) and were first seen thousands of years ago during the Chinese Qin Dynasty and then used by the Japanese in the 3rd century.

Most people may wonder what exactly is the egg? A smoker? A grill? An oven? It is an all-in-one cooking device that can grill steak, smoke ribs, and even bake bread or pizza. The egg’s construct is made out of a thick interior with glazed ceramic inside and out. According to the manufacturer, it’s patent technology provides unrivaled thermal properties, perfect for the best cooking performance. The knee-high kamado cooker is fueled by either wood, charcoal or coal and can be ignited with an electric starter or a multi-purpose lighter.

Benefits and features

Whether you prefer cooking at a slow or high speed, the Big Green Egg is simple yet highly efficient. These are it’s core benefits and features:

  • Safe to use and simple to start
  • Perfect for both slow and fast cooking
  • Air-tight ceramic cooking chamber evenly heats and maintains food moisture
  • Holds temperatures for more than 18 hours without adding more coal
  • Heat can reach more than 600 degrees Fahrenheit to sear steaks like high-end restaurants
  • Easy cleanup and low maintenance
  • Available in a variety of sizes; Mini, Mini Max, Small, Medium, Large, XL, and XXL.
Source GreenEggBlog

How To Use the Big Green Egg

  1. Open the dome and remove the stainless steel cooking grid. Fill your egg with charcoal, coal, or wood. Replace the ceramic damper top with a dual function metal top. Slide the patent stainless steel draft door completely open and you’re ready to light up the fire.
  2. Light the fire at the center of the charcoal or wood. Replace the stainless steel cooking grid and wait 7-10 minutes after several pieces of wood or charcoal is glowing. Close the dome and open the dual function top for maximum airflow.
  3. When the temperature gauge has reached the desired cooking temperature, you can adjust and control it with the dual function top and bottom draft door. Remember, the greater the opening, the higher the temperature.

Important tips:

Never leave the egg open. Make sure the top remains shut during cooking and do not allow any rain or snow to get inside the egg. And lastly, burp your egg. Lift the dome a couple of inches repeatedly so the hot smoke can be released slowly before you completely open your egg.

Learn more about other tips and tricks through the Big Green website.

Entrees, Appetizers, and Desert

The Big Green Egg is traditionally used for grilling and barbequing, however, it is versatile enough to create endless recipes. You can create side dishes like mashed potatoes and grilled veggies; roast chicken steak, or seafood; bake desserts, bread, or pizza. Check out these recipes from Big Green Egg.

Kamado Style grills are becoming very popular but can present some installation challenges. To learn more on how to select the right cabinets for your Big Green Egg, check out our cabinet styles on our website.