Outdoor Kitchen Design is Easy with These Important Tips

Your Outdoor Kitchen Design depends on a lot of factors. How much room do you have? What is your budget? How will you use the space, and what will you need to store and have at hand when using your new outdoor kitchen? These are all good questions to ask yourself when getting started on your Outdoor Kitchen project.

Are you ready to add an Outdoor Kitchen to your home, but don’t know where to start? Werever offers its customers complimentary Design Service. With a little input from you about your needs and wants for the space, we will help you design the Outdoor Kitchen of your dreams.

Here are a few helpful tips to get you started.


Measuring for Your New Outdoor Kitchen

Outdoor Kitchen Design

First of all, you will need to know exactly how much space you have for your outdoor kitchen design. Use a measuring tape to measure the space. Measure the wall against which the kitchen will be installed, the overall size of the lanai or patio where you will install the kitchen, or the surface where you are planning to install the outdoor kitchen.

When taking the measurements, sketch out a quick line drawing of the space, noting locations of walls and any other architectural features. Write down the measurements you are taking of the space on your sketch. We do not need for you to be a professional artist, and a quick napkin sketch is often just enough to get us started.

This is also the time to share with us your thoughts on the shape of the outdoor kitchen design. Some spaces only allow for a straight run of cabinetry against a wall or as an island. Other areas may allow for an L-shaped or U-shaped layout. Show this in your sketch.

Pictures speak a thousand words, as the saying goes. Therefore another great way to communicate with Werever is to send photos of the existing space along with your sketch. This helps us better understand the existing conditions. Sometimes, we will see details that we can address with you and new design.

Already have a drawing or sketch from your builder or contractor, or building a new home? Feel free to send to us the drawings from your architect or builder for our reference in designing your new Outdoor Kitchen.


Appliances as Part of your Outdoor Kitchen Design

Outdoor Kitchen Design

The next step is to is to determine how you will use the space. Once you have determined how much space you have available, consider what types of appliances you would like to include. Just want a grilling station? Some outdoor kitchens may be as simple as a Grill and a Side Burner. Want all the bells and whistles? Others may want to have a fully-functioning kitchen, with sink, refrigerator, ice maker, cocktail center, Grill, Kamado smoke, Pizza Oven and more. Regardless of the size of your space, and your wants for appliances, we can help you determine what will fit, and what will best meet your needs.

Need help with Appliances? Werever highly recommends Lynx Grills for their superior quality and solid customer service if you ever need it. We will help you to select the right appliances for your needs and budget.


Storage Solutions for a Functional Outdoor Kitchen Design

Outdoor Kitchen Design

One of the greatest advantages of having Outdoor Cabinets in your new Outdoor Kitchen is bringing all of the functionality of an interior kitchen to the outdoors. Rather than just a framed structure with a few stainless steel inserts, Outdoor Kitchen Cabinets provide you with option of drawers, pull-outs, adjustable shelving, and more. Werever offers numerous Cabinet Styles to meet just about any storage need. Tell us how you will use the Outdoor Kitchen, and what you plan to store. Want to be sure your utensils are handy at the grill? We will plan a bank of drawers next to the Grill Cabinet. Want to have the trash can near the sink? We have Pull-Out Trash cabinets for that. Werever Design Service will help you plan the optimal location of cabinet styles in your plan, while considering your needs and functionality of the space.


Get Your Free Outdoor Kitchen Design

Above all, know Werever is here to help. Getting started is easy. Contact us and we’ll send you free material samples and an information kit.