6 Design Ideas to Freshen Up Your Outdoor Kitchen

Modern outdoor kitchen design.

Outdoor kitchens are a great space for hosting friends, bonding with family, and enjoying the fresh air. But if your outdoor space is starting to feel a little uninspired, you may be ready for a change. 

Before you bulldoze the area and put in a basic rose garden, consider a quick upgrade. Breathing new life into your outdoor kitchen will allow you to find joy in the space for years to come. 

1. A Built-In Cooler

If your friends are constantly trudging in and out of the house for access to the fridge, get creative. With a built-in cooler, your outdoor kitchen will have everything you need—from diet coke to adult beverages. 

Adding a simple drop-in cooler to the counter space is all it takes. And without the constant refrigerator commute, your friends will have more time to spend together. 

2. A Party Pavilion

Are you ready to spend your Christmas bonus on a killer gathering space? For those with a little extra money to spend, we recommend a fun party pavilion. With pillars, a roof covering, and a mounted TV, this new area will give you every reason to throw an amazing party. 

3. A Pizza Oven

Does your family order a pie every Friday night? Take the tradition to the next level with a pizza oven made of brick. Your backyard will be the best place to be whenever the weekend rolls around. Plus, your new addition will be so beautiful, friends and neighbors will come over just to see it.

4. A Chalkboard Backsplash

If you are constantly whipping up new and delicious creations for your guest, a chalkboard backsplash is a no-brainer. Not only will this allow you to post a list of menu items and beverages, but it will also serve as an interesting topic of conversation all night. 

5. A Dishwasher

Hear us out. We know that a dishwasher may not be the most decorative of additions on this list. But adding a dishwasher to your outdoor kitchen is a total game-changer. It will keep your parties running smoothly. After all, the fewer trips from outdoor to in, the better. 

Nobody wants to attend a party where a hostess is too busy to talk to guests. Plus, you won’t have to bring the outdoor mess inside! (That’s a major bonus for all of our neat-freak readers out there.)

6. A Set of French Windows 

If you really want to make your space functional and stylish, french windows are the obvious choice. Add a bar beneath the window to create a fun indoor-outdoor setup. This will give you a great layout the next time you throw a party with an open bar. 

Go All In On Your Outdoor Kitchen Renovation

Did one or two of these tips strike your interest? Why not go for broke and implement them all at once. A total overhaul of your outdoor kitchen will reinvigorate the space. Before you know it, your 2022 will be booked from start to finish!