Upscale Outdoor Kitchen Add-Ons for the Gourmet

An upscale outdoor kitchen is the best way to show off your culinary skills and upgrade your entertainment setup. Outdoor kitchens can have everything in your indoor kitchen and much more.

From pizza ovens, wine chillers, wet bars, and grillers, these add-ons can transform the look and feel of your outdoor kitchen space to make it feel like an upscale restaurant. 

Go Beyond the Grill Pizza Ovens

The quickest way to transform an outdoor kitchen is to add a wood fire or gas pizza oven. This one add-on will genuinely set your outdoor kitchen space apart from your indoor setup.

An outdoor pizza oven gives you the chance to enjoy homemade pizza year-round. The best part is, you can choose a freestanding outdoor pizza oven, so even if you have limited space, you’ll still get that same experience. 

Not to mention, with most of us spending more time at home lately, upgrading your outdoor kitchen will turn your home into a high-end destination.

Also, estimates say that houses with outdoor kitchens can sell for up to 29 percent more than expected, according to Zillow’s Home Features that Sell analysis. So more than an upgrade, think about it as a wise investment in your property. 

Move Indoor Comforts Outside with Wet Bars

Bring the indoors outdoors when you set up a wet bar on your patio. A simple tabletop bar can be easily achieved using a bar cart or bar cabinets to store liquors, wine bottles, and drinkware. But, if you have space, take it up a notch and consider setting up a complete wet bar. 

This will include lighting, a sink, a small fridge, and plumbing to have a functional patio bar. The price to make this happen can range anywhere from $1,000 to $10,000, depending on material quality, features, and space. 

Keep Drinks Close with Wine Coolers

If you have limited space, trade the wet bar for a kegerator or wine cooler instead. You can have them freestanding next to your outdoor kitchen area or choose to build them into your kitchen cabinets. Keeping drinks close avoids the trips back into the hose to get everything you need to enjoy a lovely evening. 

As you think about kegerators, wine coolers, and other options, think about adding an ice maker or cooler nearby. Forget about repeated journeys to your indoor kitchen to fill an ice bucket. Ice makers are simple appliances that will take your outdoor kitchen setup to the next level. It will free your time and let you enjoy your hosting duties without the nagging tasks. 

Build It for Entertainment with TV & Surround-Sound System

An outdoor kitchen wouldn’t be complete without its entertainment center. There’s nothing better than enjoying an outdoor soiree and being able to watch the big game or your favorite show right from your outdoor living space. The key components here are a large smart TV and a surround-sound system. 

This setup will let you play music from your phone to have as background during dinners or watch TV without having to leave the outdoor oasis you’ve created. It’s simple edits like this that can transform your outdoor kitchen into an upscale living space you’ll never want to leave.