5 Non-Culinary Uses for Outdoor Cabinetry

There are many ways to utilize cabinets when creating a beautiful space for outdoor living and entertaining. Not only can they add a touch of elegance to the area, but they have several practical benefits that extend beyond outdoor dining and food preparation. 

Entertainment Center

Create an al fresco entertainment center using pantry cabinets to serve as displays for TVs, gaming systems, and other media. Family, friends, and guests can all gather to watch the latest game or come over for a film while in the pool or under the stars. They help foster an inviting space for loved ones to gather around. 

Entertainment centers also help store and organize films, music, and gaming equipment when not in use. 


Outdoor cabinetry also makes a more attractive storage space for backyard equipment. Keep gardening pails, soils, hats, shovels, and other tools behind closed doors. You can also hide pool supplies like chemicals and nets while keeping them in reach for easy access. 

Clutter can distract from the charm of an outdoor living area. Use customizable cabinetry to emphasize the design elements you find most important and camouflage the rest. Outdoor cabinets have a broad range of uses that can be personalized to your needs.

Corner Display

Corner cabinets are often used in indoor areas, but they can also be useful pieces for outdoor spaces. Use displays as an accent space for lawn ornaments and decorations like artwork, sculptures, or tabletop water fountains. 

Displays help highlight important design pieces and bring your look together, while still proving quality storage space. You may also use corner cabinets to hide large, bulky, or rarely used items that distract from your overall aesthetic. 


Quality crafted cabinets also work well for outdoor laundry rooms. Our cabinets made from HDPE (high-density polyethylene) resist stains and damage from water and abrasive chemicals like detergent, bleach, and softener, making them the ideal pick.

Not only do outdoor laundry cabinet spaces make cleaning easier, but they can include drawers and lots of shelf space for even more storage. Pull-out laundry hampers can be an elegant solution to unsightly piles of dirty laundry.  

You can also use your laundry space as a second pantry to create more room in your indoor kitchen, or even as a mudroom before re-entering the home. 

Potting Station

Cabinetry can also be very useful for avid gardeners. Keep tools like shovels, seeds, and pots close by, and benefit from a beautiful work surface for starting seeds, rearranging flowers, placing harvested foods, and repotting plants. 

You can even choose to include a sink for washing your hands and produce before eating. Having a designated workspace makes gardening even more convenient and enjoyable. 

Cabinetry is often associated with interior design, but it has just as many applications in outdoor spaces. Custom outdoor cabinets that suit your needs can enhance any of your favorite backyard activities. Most of all, outdoor cabinets make distracting items disappear and enhance the overall appeal of the area.