Who are you buying outdoor cabinets from?

More Outdoor Cabinet Companies

The outdoor cabinet industry is growing. There is no disputing that fact. But who are you buying your outdoor cabinets from? What experience do they really have? Are the pictures on their website even theirs? How long have they been involved in the outdoor cabinet business?

With the growth of outdoor cabinetry, new entrants have emerged. That’s fine. Competition is a good thing. It forces innovation and brings new ideas to the market. That’s the American way, to build the proverbial “better mousetrap”. But beware of who you are shopping with and more importantly, what you are buying. Werever has been in business since 2001, the longest in the outdoor cabinet industry. Can we prove it? Absolutely.

Travel Back in Time

Do you want to have a little fun while fact-checking whoever you are shopping with? Check out this site, the Internet Wayback Machine (http://www.archive.org/web/) You can enter a company’s website or URL and see snapshots of their website over time. This tool isn’t perfect, but it does give you a glimpse into the history of whatever company you are considering. If you enter Werever’s website into this tool, you’ll see examples of our website, advertising outdoor cabinetry on the web since 2002.  When a competitor broadly claims they have 10 years of experience cutting things, or even 20 years building outdoor cabinetry, can they prove it? Were they in business building what they’re trying to get you to buy? In most cases, no. More importantly, if they haven’t been around for 10+ years doing what they’re doing today, where will they be when you need warranty service? There are several former competitors of Werever Outdoor Cabinetry that published Lifetime Warranties, but they are now gone, completely out of business.  History matters.

Here is a glimpse at Werever’s website history over the past 15+ years. Plug in the website of other outdoor cabinet companies. What does their history look like? Do their claims match what you can verify?

Read the Fine Print

You’ll notice that some outdoor cabinet companies don’t show you their warranty. Why not? They’re often loaded with fine print that voids warranties if you expose their cabinets to the sun. That’s not a typo or a fabrication. Some outdoor cabinet warranties omit SUN EXPOSURE. One even omits warping due to GRAVITY. It seems silly and impossible, but it is true! Other companies put “Lifetime Warranty” on their site, but the warranty is nowhere to be found, or the warranty may be for only 5 years… or 3 years. You can see some examples of fine print found in other warranties here. You can find Werever’s outdoor cabinet warranty here.

Compare Materials

This is a relatively new topic in the outdoor cabinet industry. Werever builds cabinetry only out of High Density Polyethylene (HDPE). We’ve been doing it since 2001.  Several new companies have emerged, building outdoor cabinetry from Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC). These materials are NOT the same. In short, PVC costs less as a raw material, but dramatically underperforms compared to HDPE. The difference is not subtle. This is not the difference between your cabinetry lasting 18 years instead of 20.  It is the difference between a few years of service at best vs. a virtual unlimited lifetime. PVC itself is not UV-stabilized. The PVC cabinet board is only as weatherproof as whatever you paint it with. This is a major maintenance and longevity issue. Around 2010, Werever tested cabinets made from PVC. We quickly determined that this board is nowhere near as strong or durable. It wasn’t worth the quality difference to buy a cheaper raw material. If the company you are buying PVC cabinets isn’t up front about their construction and hasn’t been in business for a very long time, beware. Werever does NOT BUILD PVC OUTDOOR CABINETS FOR A VERY GOOD REASON. Werever also doesn’t hide behind the vague term “marine grade polymer” as a mask for “PVC”.

Look at the Outdoor Cabinet Pictures

Werever is proud to be the best name in outdoor cabinetry. Sadly, other companies use our copyrighted pictures without permission. If you find a picture of a Werever cabinet on another website that doesn’t reference our company’s name, beware. Werever vigorously defends our intellectual propery rights to the fullest extent of the law. Copying a picture takes a few seconds on the internet. Perfecting our manufacturing techniques takes years. Werever does distribute outdoor cabinetry through a network of dealers, but we have not licensed our product, images, or techniques to any other manufacturer. A copycat is not the same as the original. Every image on Werever’s website is either taken by Werever, a dealer of Werever, or a customer of Werever. We do not use “stock art” to depict our work and we do not show other manufacturer’s work as examples of HDPE outdoor cabinetry.

Ask for Referrals and Testimonials

Be blunt. Tell your outdoor cabinet supplier that you won’t buy from them unless they can put you in contact with a real customer that has bought from them and is happy. Unsubstantiated claims on a website are easy to create. Happy customers take a proven track record. Werever can show you plenty of written testimonials and we can also help you talk to a real customer if you are skeptical.