Waterproof Cabinets for Flood Areas

If you live in a flood prone area or are a flood mitigation specialist and need great looking cabinets that can withstand being completely soaked, Werever Outdoor Cabinets has your answer. We build fine custom weatherproof cabinetry made from solid HDPE. They have been tested and proven by Hurricane Harvey, Hurricane Katrina, Hurricane Irma, Hurricane Matthew, and others! Werever cabinets can be completely soaked with water, then washed clean with a hose or pressure washer to look like new again.

5-Star Reviews from Customers with Flood or Hurricane Damaged Homes

"Cabinets were installed 3 years ago and show absolutely no signs of wear. Even 2 hurricanes, Matthew in 2016 and Irma in 2017 were no match."​

"We have had this outdoor cabinetry for many years now, and have been very pleased with how it has held up through a few hurricanes, and the south Florida heat and humidity. We highly recommend this company and their products."​

"Bought our Werever cabinets in 2012 after seeing them on a HGTV episode. We knew what we wanted on our lanai in Florida & Werever made the cabinets to our design specs. The cabinets are still like new today after almost 6 years & 1 hurricane. I recommend these cabinets very strongly!"

"My Werever outdoor cabinets were the best purchase ever! It's been about 15 years since I installed these cabinets and they have held up in hurricane rain and wind without any sign of wear WHATSOEVER!"

"We live on the coast with salt water spray and bright sunlight. Never fades or warps. Hinges never rust or stick. Drawers run smooth as silk! Can't say enough positive things!"

A customer’s house was unfortunately destroyed by Hurricane Harvey. See their story, and see how well Werever’s cabinets fared against waist-deep flood waters. Once the flood waters receded, the cabinets were cleaned with a power washer and were as good as new.

BEFORE: Cabinets completely submerged in flood caused by Hurricane Harvey

AFTER: These are the SAME CABINETS that endured flooding by Hurricane Harvey