Transform your yard into an outdoor living space

People who own homes are always looking for great ways to enhance the value and enjoyment of their home. When looking at potential renovations, most homeowners look to find ways to improve and expand their living space.

One of the more recent trends that have taken American homeowners by storm originated in the Mediterranean. It involves turning outdoor areas into fully-enhanced outdoor living spaces.

Creating an Outdoor Living Space

In contrast to traditional patios and decks, outdoor living spaces involve creating an aesthetically pleasing covered patio area. The space should be multi-functional and offer an extended season of outdoor living enjoyment.

To qualify as an outdoor living space, it must feature full electrical capability. Tiled floors, indoor-outdoor flooring, lighting, and a partial roof covering are also necessary. If designed right, these spaces can increase the value of a home substantially.

The benefits of these spaces for homeowners are many. Outdoor living spaces can offer homeowners an extended season of outdoor enjoyment. They provide the perfect open space atmosphere for entertaining and quiet contemplation. Because they are complete with flooring and electricity, they can be easily set up with stereos and televisions.

Make sure to install these in a way that is easy for you to move them indoors in the event of inclement weather. Adding a kitchen area offers a great outdoor cooking space during the warmer months so the house can remain cooler.

Special Features

Traditional outdoor living spaces often feature an outdoor kitchen area complete with a sink, outdoor kitchen cabinets, mini fridge, an extensive grilling station, fireplace, a lounge and dining area, a fire pit, and more. They may be attached to the main structure, lead into an in-ground pool area with a hot tub, or they can be part of a cabana.

Homeowners can get some great ideas for building outdoor living spaces online. In most cases, they connect their outdoor living space to the main structure of their home. This is the preferred choice because it allows for easy access to the area even in wet weather.

Important Extras

Additionally, homeowners should invest in high-grade outdoor furniture. This type of furniture is significantly different than patio furniture. Full outdoor furnishings have the appearance of more traditional indoor furniture. In contrast, they are made from materials that are waterproof and can readily withstand the elements.

Many of the patio ceilings featured in outdoor living spaces are adorned with pressure-treated exterior teak wood. They are also accented with built-in ceiling fans and lighting.

When designing an outdoor living space, the amount of roof cover will make a difference in the home value. Fully sheltered patios make the space much more livable and enjoyable. Some homeowners opt to have partial or complete movable walls installed as well.