Top 6 Backyard Summer Styles in 2023

Summer has just begun, so if you’re looking to give your backyard area a design refresh, consider choosing from one of the following 2023 trending outdoor styles. No matter what your design preferences are, you’ll be able to find an outdoor style that makes you feel comfy and cozy in your backyard all summer long. 

1. Coastal

A coastal backyard design is always a classic, and the 2023 trends are no different. With blue and white striped patterns, nautical elements, and natural materials, you’ll feel like you’re sitting beachside no matter where your home is located. 

Adding teak or wicker furniture pieces to your patio area is a great way to get started with a coastal design. Then, add accessories with seahorses, anchors, or other nautical designs to complete the look. 

2. Rustic Charm

Modern farmhouse interior styles have been all the rage recently, so extending this rustic charm out to your backyard area might seem like a natural choice. Rustic designs are all about incorporating natural materials, weathered wood furniture, and earthy color palettes that create a cozy and inviting ambiance. 

Some of the more unique elements you might consider adding include a chair swing, a water feature, and decorative pieces like old wagon wheels or vintage milk jugs as planters. 

3. Tropical Paradise

Allow yourself to be transported to the tropics by giving your backyard a design refresh this summer. Find seat cushions, umbrellas, and rugs in bright, vibrant patterns to turn your backyard into a tropical getaway. 

Don’t shy away from tropical plants like palm trees and bamboo, and consider adding a fun water feature to feel like you’re right in the middle of the rainforest. 

4. Contemporary Chic

Plenty of homeowners are adopting a more sophisticated look for their backyards with a contemporary chic style. With clean lines, neutral color palettes, and metallic accent pieces, a contemporary chic backyard design offers a luxurious and feminine atmosphere that you will love to entertain guests all summer long. 

Play with ornamental grasses, geometric hardscapes, and sleek furniture pieces to pull this look together. 

5. Mediterranean Retreat

If you like a more romantic and laid-back feel, then a Mediterranean style could be the perfect aesthetic for your backyard. Infuse your patio area with Mediterranean influences by using vibrant colors, wrought iron furniture, and colorful tile accents. 

Plant herbs to give off a fresh aroma as you’d get in the Mediterranean and add a pergola to bring in some shade and intrigue to your backyard. Embrace warm shades like tans and oranges to create an intimate feel that is welcoming to all guests, and make sure you have enough twinkle string lights to match the romantic mood. 

6. Cottage-Inspired

In 2023, more people are embracing the cozy and charming patio design that a cottage-inspired style offers. You can really let your creativity loose and transform your backyard into a fairy garden by incorporating whimsical patterns and accessories, vintage furniture, and floral elements. Some essential items for a cottage-style backyard include bird baths, 

Opt for luscious flowering plants and bushes that take over your patio area and add natural stone planters and pathways that allow you to seemingly get lost in the whimsy of your own backyard.