The Sky’s the Limit: How to Plan the Perfect Outdoor Kitchen for You

Building an outdoor kitchen offers more flexibility than an indoor kitchen renovation. While you can always upgrade kitchen surfaces and appliances in an indoor setting, you are often limited in what you can do because of limited space and electrical restraints. In an outdoor kitchen; however, you have much more freedom to get everything arranged the way you want.

When planning outdoor kitchens, an important first step is to decide if the kitchen will be a focal point of the deck or patio space, or if it will serve as more of an accessory. Think about much you will use the kitchen and how much space you will need. Sometimes just having a nice bbq installed into a professional cooking countertop will suffice, while others require more advanced outdoor kitchen setups. Think about what your needs are before you make a decision.

No matter what size outdoor kitchen you select, be sure to minimize the distance between it and your indoor kitchen. Since most homeowners find themselves using both kitchens when they are cooking outdoors, keeping this distance down will reduce the time it takes you to perfect your culinary delights.

Be sure to take into consideration the climate you are in when designing an outdoor kitchen. Areas with freezing winter temperature will need a setup that can be properly winterized during the off season, while those who live in hot climates or near the ocean should be careful of stainless steel corrosion. If you are unsure about the effects of weather in your area, ask your neighbors for advice or contact a local outdoor expert kitchen team.

Before signing off on any type of design, make sure that all of the utilities you’ll need are accessible from the proposed kitchen site. You’ll need adequate plumbing, gas and electricity in order to run a full kitchen outdoors. Even if you have installed the kitchen yourself, it’s best to let the experts handle the electrical and gas work. This will ensure that everything is hooked up correctly and in accordance with the city’s rules.