Storage Space for Outdoor Kitchens –

Storage Space Planning for Outdoor Kitchens

An outdoor kitchen is an extension of your home. It’s more than a place to grill a simple burger: your outdoor kitchen can be a space for gathering, entertaining and creating memorable experiences for your family and guests. Like any other room in your home, it needs certain functionality to complement its aesthetic qualities.

You wouldn’t build a kitchen inside your home with just a countertop and a cooking surface. Creating an outdoor kitchen with only a grill and countertop work area is just as inefficient—your outdoor kitchen needs storage.

So, which kind of storage space do you need? First, consider the basics. Every outdoor kitchen needs space to store basic grilling equipment such as tongs, spatulas, meat forks and skewers. While you may choose to incorporate hooks to hang these regularly used tools, also consider adding a designated drawer under the outdoor kitchen countertop to hold these large utensils.

Drawers can be great use of space in the outdoor kitchen. They can hold cooking utensils, silverware, linens such as placements and napkins, hot mitts and grilling aprons. Keeping these items neatly stored in drawers in the outdoor kitchen saves you time and energy from having to bring things out from the indoor kitchen day after day.

Storage cabinets are another simple yet effective way to keep your outdoor kitchen neat and tidy. Store cups, grilling pans, pots and other cooking equipment in your cabinets. Keep extra mixing bowls and containers in under-the-counter cabinets as well. Protect seat cushions from the elements by storing in cabinets when not in use. Designate one cabinet to store table décor such as candles, vases and dishes used when entertaining.

Work with a qualified outdoor kitchen designer to create the type of storage space that will best fit your needs. Don’t forget to consider above the counter storage as well, including shelving to display and hold dishes, glassware and more.

It’s important for your outdoor kitchen cabinetry to add functional storage space. It should create another level of aesthetics to the space as well. When creating an outdoor kitchen, carefully consider cabinet colors and door panel styles, incorporating both to compliment the space’s overall design theme.