Staying Home: Backyard Edition

The current coronavirus pandemic has changed everyone’s life in one way or another. As COVID-19 is gripping the whole world, many are looking for forms of entertainment that adhere to social distancing measures.

Many governments worldwide have introduced strict social distancing guidelines in order to prevent the spread of COVID-19, which means that you should stay 6 feet (or approximately 2 meters) away from other people when outside. 

Naturally, these measures have meant that people are unable to meet up with friends and carry out their regular social activities. In some countries, leaving home without a good reason can result in a fine.

So, how can we continue to have fun outdoors during these strange times? Is there a way we can still meet up with close friends and family?

There are plenty of opportunities for social distancing in your backyard. If you have a group of four people (who don’t live with you), you would only need a 6×6 foot yard for everyone to fit while following social distancing guidelines. 

It might not be a great idea to have catch-ups with distant friends every day. However, if there are people in your life that do not live in your household which you are very close with, your backyard is a gathering place where you can keep a safe distance from each other. 

Here are some social distancing activities you can perform in your backyard:

  • There are already instances of neighborhoods using their backyards in creative ways. A former Zumba instructor from Utah has begun running fitness classes from her yard, with neighbors taking part in the classes. All participants are separated by fences and remain six feet apart, so this is a great idea to connect with neighbors and keep active during COVID-19.
  • We have plenty to learn from Italy, one of the first countries other than China to be hit hard by the novel coronavirus. Since country-wide lockdown measures were put in place, Italians were not slow to begin lifting each other’s spirits through community singing and dancing. People play instruments and sing songs from their balcony or backyard, with neighbors soon joining in on the fun.
  • Hold weekly clubs or meet-ups with neighbors or close friends in your backyard. Whether it be chatting from opposite ends of the yard about the latest TV shows or books you have read, this is a great way to keep in touch and keep positive during these times. 
  • Organize games like bingo with neighbors who are willing to join in. All you’d have to do is email everyone their bingo cards and elect one person to announce the numbers from their yard with a megaphone. 
  • Launched into notoriety on Shark Tank, consider fun backyard games like Spikeball. Based on volleyball, it is a fast-paced game that involves serving and returning a ball into a net that resembles a trampoline. Players on opposing teams have to take turns successfully returning the ball to the other team via the trampoline. Throw on some gloves and this could make for hours of fun in the backyard!
  • Play a community-wide game of I-spy. Let all your neighbors know that there are a number of letters hidden in windows around the community, and that they can use their daily walk to hunt down all the letters. In the end, all the letters will go together to spell a word or phrase. This will take some cooperation, but everyone has plenty of time on their hands for some socially distanced fun! 

There are plenty of other activities online that you can put a twist on to make sure you’re abiding by the statutes in your community. We’re all ready to return to life as we knew it, but don’t let these challenging times keep you from relaxing and having a little fun.