Stainless Steel Soft Close Hinges Will Rust

Werever does not use soft close hinges. The reason is simple. They rust. Werever has used the same stainless steel self-closing hinge for over two decades. We have cabinets in the field with 20 year old hinges that are still performing like new. Some competitors have gone to market positioning their soft close hinges as an upgraded feature. For indoor cabinets, yes, that’s a lovely upgrade. For outdoor cabinets, soft-close hinges are a future maintenance problem.

As a philosophy, Werever only uses the best materials available. We do not cut corners. We do not skimp on material to save a few bucks. We are not swayed by gimmicks. We do not put anything into our products that will become a maintenance problem. You should buy the best outdoor cabinet in the industry… once.

Werever Outdoor Cabinet Hinge
110 Degree Stainless Steel Self Closing Hinge

Need Proof? Werever conducted a 1-month test, exposing our hinge and a competing soft-close hinge to salt water. The results are obvious and dramatic. Werever’s hinge showed ZERO evidence of rust or corrosion. The competing hinge showed significant rust, mostly in the interior soft-close mechanism.

After 1 Month in a saltwater solution, the Werever hinge showed zero signs of rust. The competing soft-close hinge showed extensive rusting.

Here are pictures from the saltwater test. New hinges were placed in a saltwater bath. Saltwater was added equally to replenish evaporated water. After 24 hours, the first signs of rust appeared on the competing hinge. After 1-month, both containers were allowed to evaporate, revealing the re-crystalized salt water. Notice the amount of salt caked on the “good” Werever hinge. This proves it was a legitimate test with equal salt solutions on both hinges.

Testing Continues for 1 Month. Each Week the Gap Widens. No Rusting on the Werever Hinge