Prep Your Outdoor Kitchen for a 4th of July Cookout

Being outdoors for the Fourth of July holiday is a special time that many look forward to all summer, and there’s no better place to host your large or small gathering than your outdoor kitchen.

Even so, getting ready to host a shindig requires preparation, but with a few easy steps, you can make your outdoor kitchen ready for the most anticipated warm-weather holiday of the year.  

Get Grill Ready

The amount of cleaning and preparation your grill will need depends on how actively you’ve been using your outdoor kitchen this year. Start by cleaning out the old ash, scrubbing the grill gates, and wiping down the outside.

Next, you’ll want to make sure your grill is in proper working condition, especially if it runs on propane. It’s essential to check burner tubes for clogs or insects, ensure you have a spare propane tank, and fire up your grill to test the connection. Also, be sure to inspect your tools and check that they are rust-free and fully intact. 

Make Your Outdoor Kitchen Festive 

Even your outdoor kitchen can be festive. As much as we love daytime cookouts on the Fourth of July, when the sun sets and fireworks begin, you want your outdoor kitchen lighting to provide the perfect ambiance. Red, white and blue RGB light strips attached under outdoor countertops and along walkways create a festive vibe.

Flag-themed dishware or paper plates, napkins, miniature flags, and sparklers are also fun additions that will keep family and friends entertained.  

Fill up Your Outdoor Wine Cooler

Guests that attend your outdoor kitchen festivities will enjoy cracking open a cold one, pouring a glass of wine, or enjoying their cold drink of choice alongside a freshly cooked meal while dining al fresco.

Stocking your outdoor wine cooler with a selection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages will provide attendees with a variety of drinks that will keep them cool and refreshed throughout the event. 

Create a Plan to Keep Cool

Safeguarding your friends and loved ones’ outdoor kitchen experience requires a plan to keep them cool. If your outdoor kitchen is under an overhang, a simple mounted fan could be all that you need to vent and circulate air through your gathering space.

If you have a larger space or plan on having guests in areas that surround your outdoor kitchen, then considering portable fans, outdoor umbrellas, or retractable screens could be additional solutions that will also keep guests cool.  

Secure the Bells & Whistles

If you haven’t gotten around to fully outfitting your outdoor kitchen, there is no time like the present. Add ons such as bar stools, counter hooks, and a lazy susan for your burger bar are all a must-have for your cookout.

Make sure to also check for simple yet essential kitchen accessories such as bottle openers, wine screws, and ice buckets/trays.

Tending to the details of your outdoor kitchen will make your outside cooking experience on the Fourth of July a one-of-a-kind experience for all who attend, and simple additions will make sure that your holiday menu is prepared flawlessly.