Outdoor Retreats: Designing Serene Spaces in Your Backyard

Creating a backyard retreat is something that every homeowner dreams about doing. You want to be able to step into your backyard and instantly be washed over with a calming and relaxing feeling, but you may be unsure how to execute this vision. Read through the following tips as we help you transform your backyard space into a relaxing oasis.

Define the Space

First, you need to define the outdoor space that you’re working to transform. If you have a large backyard, you don’t necessarily need to work on the entire space to make it feel like an outdoor retreat. 

You can use pavers or stones to create a patio space where your backyard oasis will be. Or, you can use other structures, landscaping, and hardscaping like pergolas, fencing, trellis, retaining walls, hedges, and more to section off a part of your backyard for your zen retreat. Doing so will provide you with both privacy and a sense of enclosure for your outdoor retreat. 

Add Foliage

Once you know the space you’re working with, add in some greenery and foliage to liven up the area. Depending on the type of hardscaping and landscaping you put in, you can weave vines up the trellis, layer smaller planters in front of the stately hedge, or add hanging flower pots from the pergola. 

Greenery freshens up the air around it, helping to create the calming atmosphere you’re looking for. Plus, the sight of green surrounding you relaxes your brain even further, which is exactly what you want from your backyard oasis.

Install a Water Feature

If you truly want to feel calm and serene in your backyard oasis, you need to add a water feature. The visual and sound of flowing water has a calming effect that you will instantly feel when you get near it. 

There are plenty of options for water features to fit every yard size, climate, and budget, including fountains, streams, ponds, and more. Plus, water features act as a focal point for your outdoor space, drawing in people to gather and relax–just as you intended for your calming backyard retreat. 

Create a Seating Area

You can’t create a relaxing outdoor space without somewhere to sit and gather. When you’re looking for outdoor seating for your backyard retreat, make sure you select something with a lot of comfort and cushion where you can easily kick back and enjoy the serene space you’ve created. Look for loungers or reclining chairs that let you fully extend and relax. 

If you want to use the space for entertaining, consider an outdoor dining table with poufs or comfortable chairs where everyone can melt into relaxation. Maybe you’re looking for something more playful, in which case you may want to add a hammock or swinging chair instead. 

Play with Colors and Textures

Throughout the space, you want to play with different colors and textures to create a dynamic intrigue that feels cozy and enveloping. You create a rock bed with gravel in one area, layer landscaping beds with different types of plants in them, or add accessories like chair cushions, lanterns, faux bridges, and lighting that bring some depth to the space.