Outdoor Privacy Screens: 4 Helpful Uses


Backyard garden landscaping with paver bricks patio hardscape trees potted plants shrubs pond rocks furniture and red barn

Privacy screens can be used for more than merely keeping nosy neighbors from peeking into your space. They are also an affordable way to keep your outdoor area looking its best and bringing a natural sense of cohesiveness to the space. 

Define an Area

Privacy screens are a popular way to create a better flow to your outdoor space. Unlike indoors, where walls naturally delineate which room moves into the next, your outdoor living area may need extra help to create this effect. Screens are a cheap way to differentiate between which areas are designated for dining and lounging.

Choose from materials like wood, metal, or even tall and fasting growing shrubs and plants. Varieties like Indian Hawthorn, bamboo, and cacti are perfect for creating a natural barrier between areas. Each has its own beauty that can suit a variety of design aesthetics to match your unique exterior. 

Enhance Privacy

One of the most classic uses for a privacy screen is to keep peeking eyes from your outdoor space. In order to effectively create a barrier from your yard to a neighbor’s space, you will need a barrier that is at least six feet tall. Wooden fences and slates are the most common materials for this use. However, decorative metal and shrubbery can have a similar effect in a stylized manner. 

Remember, if you’re adding a new fence to your yard, you may need to get a permit from your city. Check with your local building department to determine the zoning regulations and decide how and if you can construct the privacy screening you desire. You’ll also want to check with your HOA if you belong to one, as they may prefer you use only certain materials or colors to keep the neighborhood more cohesive. 

Create Separation

If you’ve invested a lot of time and money into creating a beautiful outdoor kitchen, highlight your hard work by creating subtle privacy barriers to accentuate the area. Much like indoor planning, by using faux walls you can make the space look like a traditional dining area. 

You can also create the illusion of a larger space by defining the space. Hang your favorite pieces of art alongside the screens or hang charming lights for a cozy effect in the evening. The possibilities are endless to further beautify your outdoor living area when you add more dimension to the space. 

Hide Unsightly Areas 

If you have been storing your trash and recycling bins, old exercise gear, or yard equipment in the backyard and it’s taking a toll on the general look and appeal of your outdoor space, privacy screening is an easy solution. 

Simple wooden panels can hide your trash from view, whether in the front or backyard. It can also make the space look more organized if you don’t have an outdoor shed for more storage options. This cheap and quick solution also makes an excellent backdrop to hand potted plants, grow beautiful vines, or hand outdoor-friendly artwork.