More Outdoor Kitchens on Yard Crashers… in Tampa

Yard Crashers Tampa Party Pad
Episode 707: Tampa Party Pad

We’re baaaack!

Outdoor kitchens on Yard Crashers keep happening again and again! Werever Outdoor Kitchens were featured on two completely new Yard Crashers shows that debuted in July 2012. Both backyard designs were totally unique, and both projects were stunning. And we got to do both outdoor kitchens in our home town of Tampa Florida!

On episode #707, Tampa Party Pad, a large sloping backyard was made into a huge party spot, with paver decks on multiple levels. The yard was completely tricked-out with color changing fountains, awesome fire effects, and of course, an outdoor bar built by Werever products. As a little “extra”, we embedded a TV in the bar. At first we thought this might look a little too gimmicky, but it actually turned out to be a great idea!

Yard Crashers Infinity Edge Bar
Episode 708: Infinity Edge Bar

You can check out the pictures of the Yard Crashers Tampa Party Pad episode here.

On episode #708, Infinity Edge Bar, we got to help build an awesome outdoor living area for a family with the husband serving overseas. It was a real honor to get to thank someone serving our country in the military with this unbelievable makeover. The centerpiece of the project was a HUGE bar / water feature that had an infinity edge. No, we don’t build water features, someone else did that! But along the side of the water feature we built an outdoor kitchen with sleek, black polymer doors. The contrasting color looked great.

Also, we featured a TV cabinet built into a stone structure. Everybody likes to say their backyard is the ultimate hang-out spot, but this yard really IS the ultimate hang out spot. The transformation was substantial. It was really aggressive to plan such a huge water feature, basically building a swimming pool, in 2 days. I doubt there will ever be a more dramatic makeover on Yard Crashers, but everyone worked together and got it done on time!

See pictures of Yard Crashers Infinity Edge Bar here.