Outdoor Grilling Ideas for the Winter: Summer Can’t Have All the Fun

Don’t put away your grilling station just yet. Even though it’s getting chilly, you can still enjoy a festive meal outdoors. Add in some candles, warm beverages, and hearty foods, and make the evening even more special. Whether it’s using designated accessories or perfecting your outdoor grill station, this post will help you make the most out of your grill all year round!

Get a Grill Cover

If you want to have a more enjoyable experience on the grill during winter, it’s time to invest in a grill cover. It will help keep your grill protected from snow, wind, and rain, all of which make general maintenance more difficult. Plus, you won’t have to spend precious cook-out time scrubbing and waiting for it to dry because it will stay fresh and ready to go. 

Try Grill Cabinets

For the most stylish, secure, and convenient grilling space, grill cabinets are essential. Choose from a variety of models that suit the look and needs of your outdoor kitchen.

Drop-in cabinets are one of the most popular models because they are easy to install (no carpentry required) and can be customized with any type of face plates, doors, and support needed for your grill’s size and shape. 

Pedestal cabinets come with a variety of storage spaces. Choose from cabinets, drawers, or pull-out slides so your tools are always on hand. Detailed personalization can be tricky depending on your grill type, but with professional installation, it will have a seamless look you can’t get from typical store-bought items. 

Specialty grill cabinets can be crafted for unique grills like Kamado or Big Green Egg styles. Installation for these types of grills is often challenging for the average consumer. However, experts can help with specialized designs for greater grill support, storage space, and cleanliness that make cookouts much more convenient. 

Use a Chimney Starter

Chimney starters can be a huge asset when grilling in the cold. It’ll help make lighting the charcoal quicker and easier and can be a safer option than lighter fluid. You’ll also be able to maintain more control over the cooking temperature and heat dispersion for a perfectly cooked meal!

Make Use of Your Smoker

Consider using your smoker more often during winter to add a hearty flavor to your favorite winter dishes. 

For example, try grilling seasonal vegetables as a side dish and adding foil-wrapped meats with seasoning on your smoker for an easy, delicious meal. You can even try crafting your own kabobs by adding chicken, steak, shrimp, or veggies to skewers for a personalized meal all your loved ones will enjoy!

Experiment With Your Wood Chips

If you want to experiment with different flavoring options, one of the easiest ways is to switch out your wood chips. Different wood chips will give distinct tastes to your meals. Popular options to try include apple, cherry, hickory, maple, pecan, and oak wood varieties. 

For an even stronger flavor profile, soak your wood chips for 30 minutes before grilling so the smoke will be heavier and impart more seasoning. You can also try blending different wood chips for a truly unique taste.