Outdoor Dining Setups Your Guests Will Love

Outdoor dining under veranda.

There are no rules that your outdoor dining area must be right next to your outdoor kitchen. Much like your dining room is adjacent to your kitchen, you can place your outdoor dining area almost anywhere, as long as it is easily traveled with a plate of food in one hand.

Here are some of the best outdoor dining setups that we have come across that work delightfully well with our outdoor kitchens.

Place your outdoor dining under a structure

There are a lot of benefits to having a roof over your head during outdoor gatherings, but sometimes you just need a bit of shade. Consider when you will be hosting outdoor dinner parties, and how likely it might be that your dinner could be rained out before choosing an appropriate structure. Keep in mind that most of these structures have no walls or floors, which means that they won’t be usable in all weather.

If you want to be able to keep eating during any weather, a gazebo is your best option. On the other hand, if you won’t want to watch the rain and are only concerned about shade a fabric canopy or pergola, both of which are more like frames without any real protection. Some canopies do come with a metal top to protect somewhat from rain, but even these do not have walls or ceiling.

Bar seating at your outdoor kitchen

Having bar seating at your outdoor kitchen is a great idea if you know that you will be spending a lot of time at the grill. The bar seating gives your buddies a way to sit and chat while you cook, where they can comfortably eat and drink while you chat. If you only have a few people enjoying the meal, the bar seating gives you a more intimate dining area that is very convenient to the kitchen.

Socialization while cooking isn’t the only reason to have bar seating nearby. Adding a buffet or bar to your outdoor kitchen makes it easier for your guests to prepare their plates. This is particularly helpful if your dining area is some paces away from the kitchen itself.

Enclosures protect in all weather

Enclosures help keep your dining area free of pests and debris, while also providing at least some protection from the sun and rain. This is a great way to make a cozy and welcoming place to dine outdoors in a more intimate setting. A dining table with four chairs would be sufficient. You can enclose any dining area fairly easily.

Balcony breakfast nook

If you have a guest bedroom with a balcony breakfast nook, your guests are going to love having the cozy, lazy mornings on the balcony with their coffee and breakfast treats. Even the most narrow balcony can host a breakfast nook, even if it is just made up of a small café style table and chairs. Some narrow tables with bench seating allow you to seat up to four on the balcony, depending on its measurements.