Outdoor Design Trends for 2023

The new year brings fresh creative ideas about how to spruce up your outdoor design. Check out our five top ways to modernize your space in 2023. 


An outdoor garden is a wonderful spot to enjoy stillness and appreciate the beauty of nature. Eco-friendly values are only on the rise, so sustainable outdoor design is here to stay. Incorporate this style into your outdoor living space and garden by including drought-friendly landscaping like succulents, sedums, ornamental grasses, lavender, and other plants that require minimal water intake. 

You can also include environmentally safe materials in your yard like upcycled furniture and untreated wood instead of treated materials that have an unnatural feel. 

Sculptures & Accents

Another easy way to update your space is by adding unique artwork and accents that draw the eye in. Outdoor living areas are no longer just a place to eat or drink a cup of coffee. An increasing amount of people want to elevate their yard by creating an inspiring atmosphere that encourages contemplation and relaxation. 

By choosing a well-thought-out focal point, you can instantly change the ambiance. For example, a classical statue or fountain piece in the back of the space surrounded by shrubbery creates intrigue and a romantic environment, while a large contemporary art installation in the center of your dining space can be an energizing spot to gather and start conversations. 

You can also try mixing artwork with accent colors in your furniture and the flowers you plant. Whether you’re looking for calming blues and greens, pastels, or vibrant oranges and reds, take into account the decor you’re bringing into the space to further enhance the look. 

Functional Spaces 

In 2023, useable outdoor living areas are set to become even more popular. After the pandemic, most people want to make the most use out of every inch of their home. By turning your backyard into a functional space like a space to enjoy your favorite hobbies or enjoy a meal, you can increase the value of your home and daily life.

For example, outdoor kitchens make an excellent way for family and friends to gather. Some households choose to also install outdoor seating areas and televisions to enjoy a movie under the stars or build a firepit to roast marshmallows and drink cider in the fall. By creating a second kitchen, you have much more space to celebrate special occasions and create memories with your loved ones. 


Minimalism is still in style coming into the new year. Instead of overly grown gardens with extensive greenery, lighting, and accessories, many are opting for subdued foliage with a calming feel. You may want to even add a rock garden, stone walls, or accent crystals for an even more zen atmosphere. 

Mediterranean Decor

An additional rising trend is decor with a Mediterranean feel. Create this look by opting for earthy colors in your furniture or outdoor kitchen tiles. Choose a long natural wooden table or cover your current one with a vibrant tablecloth and a bowl of fresh fruit for a pop of color and warmth. Dangling vines hanging over the table or lounge area helps further increase the mood and create a relaxed Mediterranean atmosphere.