Outdoor Cabinets and Grill Clearance to Combustibles

Outdoor cabinets can be built from different materials and some of them are combustible, such as HDPE, wood, or PVC. Your home has materials that are also combustible, including wood framing, wood cabinets, or even siding. But you don’t need to worry about the word “combustible” in this case, because it doesn’t mean “explosive” nor “flammable”. In the construction industry, “combustible” means that they are not 100% fireproof. Your interior kitchen cabinets have hot appliances like a stove or oven, and they are safe too. Outdoor kitchen plans have grills and other hot appliances

Are Werever Outdoor Cabinets Combustible?

Yes. Werever builds outdoor cabinets made from High Density Polyethylene, or HDPE. (Read more about our construction techniques.) Our designers can help you plan our outdoor kitchen. We also carry many grills that work with outdoor cabinets.

Insulating Liners for Outdoor Cabinets

Werever outdoor cabinets require grills to have a factory manufactured insulating liner. Most premium grill brands have insulating liners for outdoor cabinets. Insulating liners make it possible to install grills in outdoor cabinets. There may be clearance requirements above the countertop level too.

Outdoor Cabinets and Inspections

There are safety reasons for installing a grill properly. Besides that, your project may have problems if you don’t follow local building codes. Unfortunately, building codes are different from county to county. That means it can be confusing. Most counties do not require permits for installing cabinets, either indoor or outdoor. Parts of your project such as plumbing or electrical outlets may require a permit. Werever recommends contacting your local building department for permitting rules. In most cases, no permit is required.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Werever will help you design your outdoor kitchen. However, it is your responsibility to tell us your wall’s construction. Therefore, if your wall is made from a combustible material, tell us.

Grill Manufacturer Specifications

All grills, both cart grills and grills put in outdoor cabinets have “clearance to combustible” specifications. However, most people ignore these rules and put the grill wherever they like. Not surprisingly, most people don’t read instructions! Because built-in grills are permanent, do not ignore the clearance to combustible specifications when planning your project. Here is an example from a Lynx grill specification. It shows their rules for clearance to combustible materials.


Werever Outdoor Cabinets Free Design Service

Planning an outdoor kitchen can be easy with help from Werever. Certainly, we want to help! Let our outdoor kitchen designers help plan your dream project using Werever outdoor cabinets. Get started today!