Outdoor Cabinets-Afraid to Buy Them Online?

Buying outdoor cabinets online can be a scary business, however we’ll guide you through every step. Here are four of the top things online buyers worry about:

#1 Do Werever outdoor cabinets look like plastic?

No. Although Werever outdoor cabinets are manufactured from HDPE, which is a kind of heavy plastic, Werever outdoor cabinets have the look and feel of expensive cabinetry. Our outdoor cabinets are substantial, durable, and very attractive. See for yourself.

Big box stores sell plastic outdoor storage units that are designed to keep pool toys, gardening tools and outdoor pillows dry and dirt free. They’re lightweight and to move. Therefore, they’re great for what they are, but they’re inexpensive and look it.

#2 Can my outdoor cabinets match the exterior of my home?

Yes. There are many ways to customize our outdoor cabinets to complement your home’s exterior. Cabinet color is one way. Choose from among the 11 color choices we offer.

Your Werever designer will help you choose a door design that fits with the “feel” of your outdoor area. If your home is brick or stone, you can build-in your cabinets using a half-wall clad with stone or brick to match your existing exterior. Here’s an example:

buying outdoor cabinets online

#3 Can I see Werever outdoor cabinets before I buy?

Maybe. It depends on where you’re located. If you are in an area where we have a dealer, go to their showroom and see their outdoor cabinet display. No dealer near you? If a previous Werever customer lives close to you, we may ask if you can visit their home to see their outdoor kitchen, (which is usually where our cabinets have been incorporated). One customer even provided wine and cheese for the visit!

#4 Countertops for outdoor cabinets. Hard to find?

Not at all.You have many choices of countertop material. One choice is granite. Choosing granite is fuin, because you can visit a granite store and pick out your own slab. Picking a slab of granite makes you an integral part of the design process. You can pick a slab to contrast with your outdoor cabinet color, to coordinate with the color, or pick a slab just because you love it. There’s really no wrong choice.

Granite isn’t your only choice.

Here is some more information about countertop materials.