How to Set up Family Friendly Outdoor Kitchens

Having an outdoor kitchen that is designed for the whole family’s enjoyment is a great way to let everyone in on the fun. Outdoor kitchens that are kid friendly should have a strong emphasis on safety as well as fun. By allowing everyone to take part in the outdoor cooking experience, you can bring everyone together all summer long.

Cooking outside is a fun activity that brings a new experience to the whole family that goes outside the typical cooking routine that you currently utilize. When planning an outdoor kitchen that will be useful for both you and your kids, consider your size differences and how much you want them to participate. If you are dealing with smaller children, always include adequate storage that is out of reach of little hands to prevent injury from sharp or dangerous items. Also, consider the counter height for the section you have designated as being set up for the kids. If possible, try to install pieces that can grow with your child. For example, you may choose a counter top that is taller than the child, but use a step stool or other device until they are old enough to reach it on their own. This makes it easy to find an outdoor kitchen design that grows with the entire family.

To access your outdoor kitchen, consider planting an outdoor garden nearby. Kids love to be involved in gardening projects, and teaching them to both grow and cook their own vegetables is a valuable skill for anyone to learn. Start out with easy plants, such as tomatoes, corn, carrots and herbs. These are more likely top produce at least a small crop that makes kids excited enough to continue with their gardening efforts.

Making your outdoor kitchen kid friendly is a wonderful, unexpected way to include the entire family in the outdoor cooking process. Teaching your child to cook while enjoying the comfort of the backyard is an incredible bonding experience that simply cannot be beat during the warm summer months.