How to Host a Successful Outdoor Holiday Party

When the holidays roll around, many people turn to thoughts of fun with family and friends. Having people over is a fantastic way to make lasting memories.

If you are thinking about a holiday party, you’ll want to make use of all the spaces in your home including those outdoors. These easy and fun suggestions make it easier than ever to show off all areas of your home.

Crafting a Theme

Start by thinking about a theme. For example, you could do one centered around the creation of winter wonderland. Then you can bring in decorations. Cut out snowflakes from paper and tinfoil and hang on the walls of a canopy.

Fairly lights provide understated ambiance and extra light when strung across the railings. Use centerpieces made from outdoor materials like pine topiaries. This is a great opportunity to embrace your creativity and make it all festive at the same time.

Hot Cocoa Bar

Warm drinks are very much appreciated when people are outside. A hot cocoa bar, for example, complete with marshmallows and other toppings immediately draws people outside. Bring out mugs in varied holiday colors like silver and red.

Offer guests other choices of beverages such as coffee and teas. Holiday drinks like mulled wine encourage guests to relax with a nice drink as they admire the view. A crockpot can keep it all warm while your guests savor this time.

Sheltered Spaces

Shelter outdoors is very much welcome any time of the year. It’s particularly important during the holiday season. If you live in a warmer climate, a simple canopy is enough to keep the worst of the unwanted weather at bay.

In climates that are prone to lots of precipitation, shelter is a must for anyone giving a party. A wind resistant canopy that is well grounded can offer people the comfort they want no matter the weather. Make sure it’s easy to enter from your interior spaces.

If you have a freestanding structure like a cupola, you can provide guests with additional space to gather there. Create a path lit with small lights to show them the way. Make sure there’s ample seating that is protected from the elements during the course of the party.

Keeping Warm

Warm helps people enjoy the outdoors. You want your guests to feel happy and cozy when they’re in your home and your yard. A firepit can be placed in one area.

Keep lots of well seasoned wood to keep it going and lit. Kids and adults can enjoy it even more when you give the ingredients to make s’mores. Heat lamps can also be used to make this one space that has the warmth people need.

Offer thick candles set in portable holders as the lights go out outside for a look that is flattering to all complexions and adds that extra touch of coziness that people can bring with them to any table.

Tasty Food

Food is one of the most important parts of giving a party. You can serve lots of varied types of hot foods. A soup bar with choices like tomato, chicken noodle and French onion is warming and delicious.

Offer lots of easy to carry cups that let people hold them as they walk around the party. Canapes with toppings can add color and lots of welcome flavor as well as being portable. Fondue is another favorite that works well in the cold weather. Bring in pots with simmering cheese and chocolate for dessert. Let guests dip things like bread, fruit and proteins.